7 Things You Didn't Know About Winnie and Wilbur

Winnie the Witch is a well-meaning but often accident-prone witch who loves an adventure. Her cat, Wilbur, joins her along for the ride. Since they first appeared on the children's book scene Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul's Winnie and Wilbur have been entertaining kids all over the world. If you've read all the books, you probably know quite a lot about Winnie, Wilbur and their creators but we bet you didn't know these 7 interesting facts...


1. The first book, Winnie the Witch was published in 1987 and went onto win the Children's Book Award in 1988.

Since then, there have been more books about Winnie and Wilbur published over the years. In 2016, the Winnie the Witch series had a revamp and became the Winnie and Wilbur series. 

2. Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul created the original Winnie and Wilbur and though Valerie still writes the picture books, she shares the writing of the Winnie stories with Laura Owen who writes Winnie's young fiction titles for older readers. 

The young fiction titles were created to allow kids to stay with the familiar characters of Winnie and Wilbur even when they'd moved on from picture books. Korky Paul illustrates both the picture books and the young fiction titles. 

3. The award-winning illustrator of the Winnie and Wilbur books, Korky Paul, was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1951 and studied at the Durban School of Art before working in London and LA and studying film animation at CAL-ARTS. 

His real name is Hamish Vigne Christie Paul and he knows himself as the "World's Greatest Portrait Artist"!

4. Valerie Thomas is an Australian author, teacher and educational researcher who loves to travel.

Her love of travel has seen her go to many different places. Her first published writing was about her experience picking grapes for the champagne harvest in France. 

5. Winnie usually keeps a frog in her pocket. 

There are many strange and exciting things to spot in Korky Paul's illustrations but one to look out for in particular is the frog that Winnie usually has sticking out of her pocket!

6. Wilbur's favourite treats are cream and cheesecake whereas Winnie loves vegetables!

We learnt about Winnie's love of vegetables in The Amazing Pumpkin when Winnie enters a vegetable growing competition!

7. Winnie and Wilbur's own TV show launched on Christmas Eve 2016 on Channel 5's Milkshake.

In the show, Winnie was voiced by Katy Brand and Wilbur was voiced by Bill Bailey. 


You can read up on Korky Paul and his thoughts on illustrating the Winnie and Wilbur stories here and don't forget to take a look at our range of Winnie and Wilbur books to stock up your bookshelves with these magical misadventures.