8 Geography Books That Will Make You See the Beauty in Our World

Exploring the incredible world around us is easy with our range of stunning geography books. Our range includes unusual atlases, fascinating geology guides and deep sea exploration books so you can fully explore the diversity and beauty of our planet from your own home. See untamed lands and the way the world used to be in our brilliant list of eight geography books that will make you see the beauty in our world...

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1. The Times Concise Atlas of the World

  • £14.99

Times Atlases

Take a look at the world through this eye-opening (and huge!) atlas and be wowed by the beauty of our planet. There is stunning satellite imagery, 150 years of historical maps and a discussion about the geographical issues that our world is facing in this day and age. This thick and fascinating atlas is a must for all geography fans.


2. Habitats

  • £21.38

Hans Egger

This book is all about geology and the rock archive around Salzburg. So much information has been gathered about the history of the Earth from excursions to the rocks of Salzburg and Upper Bavaria. With fantastic photography and fascinating maps, this book is great for anyone interested in the history of the Earth dating back millions of years.


3. The Eternal Darkness

  • £19.89

Robert D. Ballard

Robert D. Ballard, famous for discovering the wreck of the Titanic, has written this book about his personal history of deep-sea exploration. Using science, history and personal anecdotes from his own expeditions, Robert puts together a fascinating book all about the work of the best explorers of the last century. Discover the beauty of the world from the bottom of the ocean in this truly amazing read.

4. Atlas of Untamed Places

  • £16.00

Chris Fith

The real beauty of our world can be seen in the areas that are not inhabited by humans, the parts that are still wild, and that is what this unusual atlas is all about. This book is filled with some of the world's most wild and exotic places, from deserts to lakes to jungles. Take a journey through the most breath-taking places on Earth with the Atlas of Untamed Places.

5. Earth Grids

  • £5.89

Hugh Newman

This book by ancient sites expert Hugh Newman examines ancient maps which suggest the world was surveyed 12,000 years ago when the planet looked quite different. Hugh describes the various theories about the geometry of these ancient maps and discusses the world's sacred sites. This interesting little book will open your eyes to the world as it used to be.


6. Deep Life

  • £27.95

Tullis C. Onstott

Tullis C. Onstott's amazing book shows you the fascinating world beneath the Earth's crust. For years scientists believed life under the surface was impossible until Tullis has proved them wrong by studying the hidden biosphere and discovering the microbes that live there. Through Tullis's remarkable discoveries scientists may just be able to identify the origins of life, find out more in this brilliant read.

7. The Un-Discovered Islands

  • £4.99

Malachy Tallack

This book showcases some of the most famous mythical islands in the history of the world, including the lost city of Atlantis. A fascinating glimpse into the history of our understanding of geography and filled with stunning illustrations by Katie Scott, The Un-Discovered Islands is a great read for anyone who wants to read a more unusual geography book.


8. Colliding Continents

  • £17.99

Mike Searle

The Himalayas and Karakoram were formed by the Indian plate crashing into Asia; this is the biggest known collision in geological history and the focus of this book by Mike Searle. Using his own experiences mountaineering and an extensive amount of research, Mike describes the history and geography of one of the largest mountain range s on Earth.


Explore the beauty of the world with these fantastic geography books, all of which would make stunning additions to your bookshelf.