A Book For Every Crafty Pursuit: Arts Books, Crafts Books and Everything In-between

It seems that creative people are always on the lookout for another new hobby to add to their skillset. The craftier types here at Book People HQ often testify to picking up a new hobby, delving in for a few months and then moving on to something new.

We put it down to the natural pursuit of creativity and something to embrace instead of be ashamed of. With that in mind, we're going to feed your every creative whim with these arts books, crafts books and guides that cover all types of disciplines - so you can choose your next hobby with ease.

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Drawing: Artist's Drawing Techniques

  • £6.99

Even if you think you can't draw, you'll be able to by the time you finish this book. Thanks to its drawing lessons, techniques broken down into simple stages and gentle guidance, you'll find yourself progressing as an artist with the simplest of tools at hand.


Knitting: Knits & Pieces

  • £3.99

Danielle Holke

We appreciate crafts books that take a different take on an everyday hobby, which is why Knits & Pieces is top of the pile for knitting fans. It's a humorous miscellany of facts, history and ideas that makes it the ideal knitting companion.

Flower Arranging: The Flower Book

  • £9.99

Rachel Siegried

A seasonal guide to stunning flower arrangements, this book is a work of art in and of itself. Learn your flowers, and how to combine them to make contemporary bouquets, arrangements and wreaths.

Paper craft: 100 Simple Paper Flowers

100 Simple Paper Flowers - Paperback - 9781782403081 - Kelsey Elam
  • £3.49

Kelsey Elam

Do you remember making flowers out of crepe paper at school? If you loved those art and craft lessons, then this is the perfect craft book for you. Make a whole array of paper flowers from little bright poppies to delicate daisies with just some coloured paper, the templates in this book and a few bits and pieces you'll have around the house.

Jewellery: Handmade Jewellery

  • £4.99

Making your own jewellery is one of the simplest ways to add personality to your style and with this jewellery making book you'll have 25 projects to set you off on your jewellery journey.

Painting: If You're Bored with Watercolour Read This Book

  • £4.99

Taking the classic art form into the 21st century, this is one of the best arts books around right now. Giving you contemporary watercolour techniques and ideas, you'll never look at watercolour in the same light again.


Card Making: Creating Handmade Cards Step by Step

  • £8.89

Cheryl Owen

Love sending and receiving snail mail? It could well be time to dive into the world of making your own cards. Whilst there are plenty of card related crafts books out there, we think this one is the best for beginners looking to explore a wide range of styles and techniques.

Origami: Star Wars Origami

  • £12.79

Chris Alexander

If you're going to get into origami, you may as well do it in style. Star Wars style to be exact! This is a really fun book for every sci-fi crafter looking to explore galaxies unknown with all the origami paper included for the 36 projects, you'll be folding your own Yoda, Darth Vadar and R2D2 in no time.

Quilting: Quilting Basics

Michael Caputo

Quilting is incredibly therapeutic and the perfect new craft for those already able to find their way around a sewing machine. With this modern beginners book you'll work your way up from simple small projects to large quilts to throw over your sofa or bed.

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Sewing: Bumper Book of Sewing

  • £3.99

Start sewing straight away with this brilliant Bumper Book of Sewing. With photographs to take you through sewing machine set up, hand-stitching and the wide range of technique, you'll be in safe hands as you gain in confidence. We love this book because it is jam-packed with projects you'll want to make, and covers every area of this popular hobby.

Calligraphy: Hand Lettering Handbook

  • £3.99

If you admire people with beautiful handwriting or wonder how cafes and shops create beautiful chalk signs, you might want to get your hands on the handbook. It's a straightforward guide to hand-lettering with some of the most popular contemporary alphabets and fonts. Just grab a pen and paper and start designing your own wordy wonders!


If we were to list every single crafts book or arts book in our range, we'd be here all day, so be sure to explore our full range if nothing inspires you in the list above (or, if you're like us, want to indulge your creative book needs!).