All Musicians Need These Music Theory Books

Music is a powerful thing and being able to play and make music successfully is a brilliant skill to have. However, it's hard to become a composer or songwriter without knowing at least the basics of music theory. So, if you have the ambition but struggle to make a melody or are great with lyrics but really need to master composition then we have the best music theory books to help you out. Or, if you know how to write music but want to know more then we have an excellent variety for you to explore. Here are just 5 of our best music theory books that all musicians really need in their lives...

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1. Music Theory: The Essential Guide

  • £5.89

Julia Winterson with Paul Harris

This guide brings together all the key parts of making music, including pitch, tempo, harmony, scales and rhythm to teach you how you can become a world-class musician in no time. Learn how to make your own compositions and discover the history of music with experts Julia and Paul. Plus, if you have ABRSM Theory examinations on the horizon, you can use this book as the perfect revision tool. Make music theory easy with this thorough and comprehensive guide.


2. Music Theory For Dummies

  • £15.49

Michael Pilhofer

There are very few topics not covered by the For Dummies series and music theory is no exception. Even if you know nothing about music and are just starting to learn about the basics of music, this book can make music theory seem easy. Discover what the current top musical techniques are and how to both read and write music in this fascinating book.

3. Understand Music Theory: Teach Yourself

  • £14.89

Margaret Richer

This Teach Yourself book is filled with information, diagrams, examples and tips to help you learn all about music theory. Designed for complete beginners, this book starts with all the basic concepts you need to know, such as rhythm and pitch, and then moves onto more advanced topics to guide you seamlessly through the process of understanding music theory. Plus, the book comes with a CD of practice activities to help you really master the art of music.


4. It's Never Too Late to Sing

  • £12.89

Heidi Pegler

It doesn't matter how old you are or how tone-deaf you think you are, it's never too late to get into singing, as this helpful guide proves. Covering the equivalent of 2 years of singing lessons and featuring 2 CDS of various different music styles (ranging from classical to pop); this book gives you all the tools and information you need to become a singer. With tips for signing techniques and an introduction to music theory, you'll be performance-ready soon enough.


5. The Virtuoso Teacher

  • £8.89

Paul Harris

Although there are plenty of books out there for aspiring musicians, Paul Harris has also created a great book for music teachers to become successful virtuosos. As a teacher and musician himself, Paul knows just how hard teaching music can be so in his book he gives tips on how to overcome even the trickiest parts of teaching. From dealing with challenging students to coping with stress, this book covers every obstacle in becoming a top teacher.


These music theory books are must-reads for all aspiring musicians but, if you still haven't quite found what you're looking for, we still have loads of options on our website.