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All the Alex Rider Books in Order

The Alex Rider books by Anthony Horowitz have been firm favourites of teens since the first book, Strombreaker, exploded onto the scene in 2000. After nearly 20 years of fighting crime and getting into all manner of dangerous situations, Alex Rider still remains one of the most popular children's book heroes. We'd recommend this fantastic series for children aged 11 and up. If you'd like to treat your kids to the Alex Rider books, we do have the first 10 in one collection. And, if you want to get our kids reading these terrific books but you aren't sure of where to start then here is a list of all of the Alex Rider books in order...

 1. Stormbreaker 

14-year-old Alex Rider was just a normal teen until he suddenly loses his uncle in a car crash. That's not where the story ends, however, when Alex learns that his uncle was a spy! Not only that, but MI6 are now looking to recruit Alex to follow in the path of his uncle on a thrilling action-packed mission.

2. Point Blanc

In the second book in the series Alex Rider finds himself once more on a deadly mission for MI6. This time he needs to enrol as a student at Point Blanc Academy, the school for the rebellious children of the rich, to solve a murder case. Just as heart-pounding as the first book, Point Blanc is a terrific sequel to Anthony Horowitz's first novel.

3. Skeleton Key

This time it's not just MI6 that have Alex on a mission since they've teamed up with the CIA to stop the sinister general Sarov from completely rewriting the course of history. In order to do this, Alex must venture to the Caribbean island of Skeleton Key to put an end to his plans.

4. Eagle Strike

Alex has taken himself off to the South of France in a bid to move himself away from the dangerous world of MI6 but his past of espionage comes back to haunt him when his friends are attacked.

5. Scorpia 

As he tries to uncover the secrets of his past, Alex finds himself in a tricky situation when he realises the truth lies with the criminal organisation Scorpia. He faces a tough choice, to work with MI6 to bring down Scorpia or find the answers himself.

6. Ark Angel

Alex finds himself in the middle of a brand new adventure when he saves the son of the billionaire Nikolai Drevin from being kidnapped. But, Nikolai's enemies will not stop there. Nikolai's plan to build the first ever luxury space hotel is starting to look more and more unlikely as the threats against him, his family and perhaps even the whole world get even deadlier.

7. Snakehead

The Australian Secret Service need to put a stop to Snakehead, a criminal organisation operating in South-East Asia and Alex seems to be just the guy they need to help them.

8. Crocodile Tears

When a conman realises he can make money from causing a disaster and collecting charity money, it isn't long before the world is in danger. Luckily though, where there's a criminal villain to bring down, Alex Rider is never too far away...

9. Scorpia Rising

After discovering the role the evil organisation Scorpia played in his upbringing, Alex must face them one more time. As Scorpia's latest plans become more risky than ever, Alex must stop them and save the world in a nail-biting adventure, bigger than any before.

10. Russian Roulette

This prequel to the Alex Rider series focuses in on Yassen Gregorovich, the assassin responsible for killing Alex's uncle, and why he committed the murder. As Yassen and Alex went on to follow very different paths, they found their lives intertwined as each other’s sworn enemies.

11. Never Say Die

In this instalment in Anthony Horowitz's explosive teen series, Alex faces his toughest mission yet, bringing down Scorpia for good. As Alex grieves for the recently deceased Jack so an email gives him the hope that his friend might still be alive but when Scorpia is behind it all, can Alex really believe them?

If you think these brilliant books are perfect for your kids then this list should help you figure out what books to give them first. It's not surprising Alex Rider has been thrilling readers across the UK for nearly the entire 21st century and now you r family can discover just how brilliant they are.