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All the Mog Books in Order

Judith Kerr is a brilliant children's author whose work has been encouraging children's imaginations for years. Her first hit children's story was The Tiger Who Came to Tea, an unforgettable classic. Not too long after this though she began her widely-loved Mog series. Each book features Mog, a forgetful and accident-prone cat who lives with the (very forgiving!) Thomas family. The series provides important and poignant messages for children as well as being filled with humour and Judith Kerr's own beautiful illustrations.

1. Mog the Forgetful Cat 


Cute and funny, this first instalment in Judith Kerr's beloved Mog series is a must for bedtime reading. Mog is a forgetful cat. When she goes outside she forgets she has a cat flap to get back in. But, one night, an intruder breaks into the house and her forgetfulness might just save the day...

2. Mog's Christmas


The house is filled with strange smells, objects are being wrapped in coloured paper and a tree has suddenly appeared in the middle of the house! This has greatly confused poor Mog and she's tired of puzzling over what's happening so she's decided to take herself up to the roof for a nap but could she be on the brink of falling in love with Christmas, or maybe just falling down the chimney?!

3. Mog and the Baby


Mrs Clutterbuck needs a babysitter and she decides to ask the Thomas family for help. But, Mog isn't really a natural with babies and she instantly takes against the new human in the house...

4. Mog in the Dark


When Mog gets locked out the house one night, she feels lost alone in the dark, separated from her home, family and, most heartbreakingly, her supper! As she sits out in the dark she hears strange noises and her imagination starts to truly run away with her.

5. Mog and Me


This adorable board book sees Mog and a young human friend of hers go about their day and all the fun they have along the way. Bringing the magic of Mog to a younger audience, this book is an excellent starting place for very young cat fans. 

6. Mog's Family of Cats


This board book for babies and toddlers sees Mog celebrate her birthday with all of her family. Coming along for the special occasion are her farm-dwelling parents, Aunt Emma who lives in a shop and more. With lots of different cats to look at, this book is great for engaging very small readers. 

7. Mog's Amazing Birthday Caper


Get your kids learning the alphabet with Mog as she heads to Debbie's birthday party. She encounters many curious obstacles along the way, including dragons in the dark, and a jaguar with a jug of jelly - will she ever make it to the party in time?!'s-abc.jpg

8. Mog and Bunny


Bunny is Mog's favourite toy and she will never be parted with it. That is, until, Bunny goes missing and Mog becomes determined to find out what happened! This is a classic Mog tale about friendship and Judith Kerr's gorgeous illustrations once more bring the text to life. 

9. Mog and Barnaby or Look Out, Mog 


This lift-the-flap story sees Mog and her family have a visitor. But it's what waiting for Mog in the big green basket that is the biggest surprise...

10. Mog on Fox Night


When Mog decides she doesn't want her dinner of cat food and fish one evening she gets a shock when a fox family sneak in to eat up her meal for her!

11. Mog in the Garden


In this board book for babies and toddlers, Mog and the little boy play out in the garden all day until it gets dark. Mog can see in the dark but the boy must go back into the house after an exciting day exploring the outdoors. 

12. Mog's Kittens 


In this story, Mog is looking after her two little kittens, as much as she loves her kittens and the silly antics they get up to she knows they will soon have to go away to live in different homes. 

13. Mog and the Granny


Mog's family have gone on holiday so she's staying with granny but Mog didn't realise she'd be sharing her temporary home with Tibbles!

14. Mog and the V.E.T.


Mog has hurt her paw while trying to catch a butterfly and now she has to go to the dreaded vet! But, no one is getting her into the vet's surgery without a struggle.

15. Mog's Bad Thing


Somehow Mog's beloved garden has disappeared overnight! Or, so it seems to her. A marquee for a cat show has actually been set up in the back garden and Mog has no idea of all the new friends she might meet inside. But, soon enough her curiosity might just prompt her to do something bad...

16. Goodbye, Mog


This moving Mog story sees literature's favourite cat pass away. Judith Kerr manages to teach young children about the difficult topic of death and grief in a light-hearted and beautiful story. 

17. Mog's Christmas Calamity


Mog brings about a Christmas disaster when she accidentally starts a fire! Can she also save the day?

We truly love Mog and, though she may be a bit of a handful, we'd love to adopt her into our own families! Treat your children to these amazing books and discover the brilliantly silly and funny antics of Mog the cat.