An Introduction to Room on the Broom

This spellbinding picture book has enchanted millions of little readers. Find out about Julia Donaldson's magical story, Room on the Broom, here.

About Room on the Broom

Room on the Broom (2001) is a bestselling children's picture book by author Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler. It follows the misadventures of a witch, her cat and some helpful little animals. It has won multiple awards, including the 2002 Sheffield Book Award, the 2002 Scottish Children's Book Award, and the 2003 Blue Peter Book Award for Best Book to Read Aloud.

Plot of Room on the Broom

A witch is happily riding on a broomstick with her cat, but suddenly, there's a strong gust of wind, and her hat is blown off! When she lands, a dog approaches with the hat in his jaws. He drops it politely, and requests a ride on the broom in return.

The three set off over fields and forests, but when another gust of wind blows, the bow on the witch's plait flies off! Once again, they can't find the missing item, but it's not long before a bird approaches with the bow in its beak. However, it wants a ride on the broomstick, too!

The four of them set off once again. The witch makes sure to hold onto her bow, but drops her wand in the process. Fortunately, when they land, they discover that a frog has retrieved the wand. But guess what? The frog wants a ride on the broomstick, too!

By now, the broomstick is getting rather crowded, and when the frog jumps for joy, it snaps in two! The animals all tumble into a bog, leaving the witch alone in the sky. Before long, a dragon arrives, and decides it would rather like witch and chips for dinner. But shortly after the witch lands, a terrifying beast emerges from the bog, dark and sticky with four frightening heads. The horrified dragon flees in terror, releasing the witch to the beast.

The animals emerge from their frightful disguise, and the witch celebrates their triumph by creating a wondrous broomstick - with plenty of room for everyone!

Why We Love The Room on the Broom

Axel Scheffler's gorgeous illustrations make this book a magical read. The wonderful characters in the tale are brought to life with engaging pictures full of fun and personality. We particularly love the animals' worried little faces every time the clumsy witch loses another garment!

The story itself is simply enchanting. We love the sweet and helpful nature of the little animals, as well as their adventurous and playful spirit as they all ask to ride on the broom. The appearance of the dragon gives the story an exciting twist, and the animals' disguise as the beastly bog monster is ingenious!

Lastly, we adore Julia Donaldson's rhyming verse. Her bouncing rhymes and fun repetition make reading the story a joy for both children and adults. Plus, the text helps children to develop their phonics and reading skills, as they learn to match certain letters with certain sounds - and whilst they learn, they can enjoy an enthralling tale.

All in all, we love this spellbinding story. If you can't get enough of these magical tales, you can explore our full range of Julia Donaldson books.
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    Written by the picture book dream team of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, Room on the Broom is one of the most popular children's books of recent years - even inspiring a popular TV adaptation.

    The witch and her cat fly happily over forests, rivers and mountains but then a stormy wind blows away the witch's hat, bow and wand. They are retrieved by a dog, a bird and a frog and each animal asks for a ride on the broom. Eventually it snaps in two, but what will they all do when they fall into a bog and come face-to-face with a hungry dragon?

    With its bright pictures, rhyming and funny text and much more, this is a must for every child's bookshelf.
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    The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo's Child, Room on the Broom... when it comes to books for toddlers, Julia Donaldson can't be beaten and you'll find all these and more in this brilliant 10-book collection.

    Sure to quickly become bedtime favourites, our collection also includes Julia Donaldson stories that may not be as well known but are just as delightful. With flowing, rhyming copy and illustrations from the likes of Axel Scheffler, Rebecca Cobb and Emily Gravett, we just know your toddlers will love The Snail and the Whale, The Paper Dolls and Cave Baby.

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    A special book and CD edition of the bestselling Room on the Broom. "How the cat purred and how the witch grinned, As they sat on their broomstick and flew through the wind." The witch and her cat fly happily over forests, rivers and mountains on their broomstick until a stormy wind blows away the witch's hat, bow and wand. Luckily, they are retrieved by a dog, a bird and a frog, who are all keen for a ride on the broom. It's a case of the more, the merrier, but the broomstick isn't used to such a heavy load and it's not long before...SNAP! It breaks in two! And with a greedy dragon looking for a snack, the witch's animal pals better think fast. A very funny story of quick wits and friendship, Room on the Broom is another smash hit from the unparalleled picture-book partnership of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, creators of The Gruffalo. Room on the Broom Book and CD Pack features the classic story with a stunning redesigned cover and finish, and a story CD read aloud by actress and comidienne Josie Lawrence, making it a must-have addition to the bookshelves of all Donaldson and Scheffler fans - big and small! Other available book and CD packs with redesigned covers are The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo's Child, The Snail and the Whale, The Smartest Giant in Town, Monkey Puzzle, Charlie Cook's Favourite Book, and A Squash and a Squeeze.
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    Featuring all the characters and settings from the much-loved story, this great-value book is packed with scenes to colour in, as well as imaginative drawing activities.
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    This is a great value activity book packed with fantastic games and activities featuring characters and scenes from the bestselling "Room on the Broom". It includes puzzles, colouring-in, join the dots and more. There's even a sticker scene with over 40 reusable stickers, so you can have fun creating your own stories again and again!