Bedtime Story Competition Activity Sheets

Would you like to write a story for our Bedtime Story Competition, but aren't sure where to start? Well, you've come to the right place! Below, you'll find a variety of activity sheets designed to help get your imagination going. Whether it's your plot, characters, setting or the writing itself that you're stuck on, these activity sheets are sure to kindle your creativity and get you writing in no time!

1. Character Plan

This character template will encourage you to think about what your character looks like on the outside and what their personality is like on the inside. Plus, there's lots of space for drawing your character so you can truly bring them to life!

2. Setting Plan

Settings are very important because you can use them to create atmosphere and mood in your story. This plan is designed to help you think about each setting and everything you can see, smell, hear, touch, and maybe even taste within it! There's lots of room for drawing the setting, too, so you can visualise it and imagine your characters there.

3. Story Mountain

Got some great characters and fantastic settings, but stuck for a plot? No problem! This awesome story mountain will show you in a fun, visual way how a story should progress. You can separately plan out your beginning, build-up, peak, resolution and ending, making for a well-paced and exciting tale.

4. Writing Inspiration

So you've got all the individual bits and pieces for your story sorted... but now what? What if that creative writing inspiration just doesn't flow straight away? Not to worry - these activity sheets are packed with writing inspiration that will get you to answer questions about your story and your ideas, helping you to get into the creative writing mind-set and develop some great ideas!

Of course, another great way to stir your creativity is to read! Check out our range of picture books, bedtime story books and children's fiction books to find plenty of inspiration for your story.