Best Christmas Books

Christmas is just around the corner and you know what that means... presents, mince pies, Christmas trees, Santa and most importantly... some festive reads for the most wonderful time of the year! We have listed some of our best Christmas books for you to curl up with by a roaring fire with a cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine. Plus, Christmas is a great time to get the little ones reading too with our brilliant Christmas books for kids. We have some absolutely fantastic Christmas classics in this range so read on to find out what you should be reading on the run-up to Christmas...

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1. A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens

This ultimate Christmas classic tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge and his visits from the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future on Christmas Eve night which changes his life for the better. This unforgettable Christmas tale has been adapted countless times into plays, films, TV shows, comics and more. Disney has their own film version of the story and even the Muppets have taken on Dickens' classic. But, of course, here at Book People we always think the book is best (though The Muppet Christmas Carol is an excellent festive film!).

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2. The Snowman

Raymond Briggs

This book, told completely in pictures, sees a little boy befriend a snowman that comes to life one wintery night. This is a story of friendship, fun and festive cheer and is a brilliant Christmas story to share with your children this season. Plus, if this story of festive magic isn't enough we also have Father Christmas, another Raymond Briggs festive classic for your little ones to enjoy.

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3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss' Grinch is one mean and green festive villain and one of the most famous characters to ever come from a Christmas book. But, as he attempts to steal Christmas from the people of Whoville, he is about to learn an important message about the true meaning of the season. Relive this Christmas classic with your children this festive season.

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4. Letters from Father Christmas

J.R.R. Tolkien

J. R. R Tolkien is best known for his exciting fantasy series but you can see a different side to the author in this great book of letters that he wrote to his children as Father Christmas. Each letter was written between 1920 and 1943 and tells amazing stories of life in the North Pole and the wonderful adventures Father Christmas, the elves and the North Polar Bear had. This book of letters is terrific for readers of any age.

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5. The Jolly Christmas Postman

Janet Ahlberg

In this fun, festive book the Jolly Postman is delivering the Christmas presents that fairy tale characters have sent to one another. Your little ones can follow along as he delivers his envelopes to many well-known faces, including Little Red Riding Hood and Humpty Dumpty. The Jolly Christmas Postman has been loved by children around the world and now your family can enjoy this classic too.

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6. The Polar Express

Chris Van Allsburg

On Christmas Eve a boy becomes a passenger on a magical train heading to the North Pole. Once there, he meets Santa and is given a very special present. This magical and moving story is the perfect reading material for all the true Christmas believers whether old or young.

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7. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

C.S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis' most famous book in his Chronicles of Narnia series really is a festive treat. As Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan travel through a wardrobe into the magical land of Narnia, they find themselves in a world of talking animals, magic and perpetual winter with no Christmas. The children set out on a journey to fulfil an old prophecy and save Narnia from the White Witch with the help of many new friends, including Father Christmas himself! Chilly and cheery, this book is a gripping read for children everywhere.

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8. Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales ( The Little Match-Girl and The Snow Queen)

Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen wrote lots of brilliant fairy tales that have been loved by children and adults alike for generations. In amongst his most famous stories such as The Little Mermaid and The Emperor's New Clothes, there are some great festive tales. The Little Match-Girl tells the seasonal but rather sad story of a young girl who sells matches on a cold street one New Year's Eve and passes away peacefully after seeing visions of her grandmother. In The Snow Queen a young girl called Gerda passes through every season to save her friend Kai from the terrifying Snow Queen who rules over winter. These two stories will make for some fantastic festive reading this year.

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9. The Nativity

May Eliot and Richard Johnson

Of, course, the most important Christmas story of them all is the Nativity. The birth of Jesus is known as the greatest story ever told and you and your children can rediscover this beautiful tale together in this stunning picture book version.

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Now you've got plenty of great stories to entertain you and your kids this season. So, from all of us at Book People, have a very merry Christmas!

    • £7.89
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    Includes: The Tinder-Box; The Princess and the Pea; Thumbelina; The Little Mermaid; The Emperor's New Clothes; The Steadfast Soldier; The Ugly Duckling; The Snow Queen; The Little Match-Girl
  • AIAQR 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £6.29
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    The greatest story ever told is born again in this beautiful new retelling of the nativity. The traditional feel and charming illustrations make it the perfect introduction to the Christmas story for little ones just discovering it for the first time.
    • £10.89
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £2.10Save 16.00000000000000142108547152020037174224853515625%
    Celebrate the twentieth anniversary Allan Ahlberg's award-winning, seasonal children's picture book "The Jolly Christmas Postman!" Children can take each colourful gift out of its envelope and discover for themselves what well-known fairy-tale characters are sending to one another for Christmas! It's Christmas Eve and the Jolly Postman is delivering greetings to various fairy-tale characters - there's a card for Baby Bear, a game appropriately called 'Beware' for Red Riding Hood from Mr Wolf, a get-well jigsaw for hospitalised Humpty Dumpty and three more surprise envelopes. Allan Ahlberg has published over 100 children's books and with his late wife Janet, created many award-winning children's picture books, including "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night", "Funnybones", "Each Peach Pear Plum" and "Peepo!" "The Jolly Christmas Postman" is the seasonal sequel of, the Kate Greenaway Medal winning, "The Jolly Postman" which has sold over five million copies worldwide and remains one of the most innovative and interactive children's books available.
    • £12.29
    • RRP £12.99
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    This revised edition of Tolkien's famous illustrated letters from Father Christmas to his children includes a number of pictures and letters that have not been seen in print before. The perfect Christmas gift for Tolkien lovers of all ages. This classic festive book of Tolkien's amazing Father Christmas letters written to his children between the 1920s and the 1940s has been reworked into a new and attractive edition. It contains brand new high-quality digital reproductions of his amazing letters and pictures, including a number them that have never been printed before. 'My dear children, I am more shaky than usual this year. The North Polar Bear's fault. It was the biggest bang in the world, and the most monstrous firework there has ever been. It turned the North Pole black!' Every December an envelope bearing a stamp from the North Pole would arrive for J. R. R. Tolkien's children. Inside would be a letter in strange spidery handwriting and a beautiful coloured drawing or some sketches. The letters were from Father Christmas. They told wonderful tales of life at the North Pole: * How all the reindeer got loose and scattered presents all over the place. * How the accident-prone Polar Bear climbed the North Pole and fell through the roof of Father Christmas's house into the dining-room * How he broke the Moon into four pieces and made the Man in it fall into the back garden * How there were wars with the troublesome horde of goblins who lived in the caves beneath the house! Sometimes the Polar Bear would scrawl a note, and sometimes Ilbereth the Elf would write in his elegant flowing script, adding yet more life and humour to the stories. From the first note to Tolkien's eldest son in 1920 to the final poignant letter to his daughter in 1943, this book collects all the remarkable letters and pictures in one enchanting edition. No reader, young or old, can fail to be charmed by the inventiveness of Tolkien's Letters from Father Christmas.
  • AHRFJ 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £7.69
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    Everyone's favourite snowman, with a sparkly glitter cover and introduction by Raymond Briggs. One winter's night, a snowman comes to life and an unforgettable adventure begins. Raymond Briggs' favourite classic is a true piece of Christmas magic - narrated entirely through pictures, it captures the wonder and innocence of childhood and is now recognised throughout the world. In 2012 the 30th anniversary of The Snowman was celebrated with a brand new half-hour animation The Snowman and the Snowdog. It introduced a new adorable character, can you guess who? That's right, a lovable snow puppy!
  • LWD2 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £4.49
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    Thanks to C. S. Lewis and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, we suspect countless children have stepped into random wardrobes and held their breath, hoping to be transported to a fantasy world - some of us at Book People certainly have!

    Best known of all the books in the Narnia Chronicles, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe follows on from The Magician's Nephew and is all about the adventures of four brothers and sisters as they discover a magical country and get caught up in a battle against the evil White Witch. An exciting and thrilling adventure ensues as they fight to save the land of Narnia from perpetual winter.

    Presented with stylish new cover art from original illustrator Pauline Baynes that will delight fans of all ages, this is a must-read children's classic; inspiring and imaginative with enduring appeal for readers aged 9 and over.
    • £2.29
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    HarperCollins is proud to present its new range of best-loved, essential classics. 'I am the Ghost of Christmas Present,' said the Spirit. 'Look upon me!' A celebration of Christmas, a tale of redemption and a critique on Victorian society, Dickens' atmospheric novella follows the miserly, penny-pinching Ebenezer Scrooge who views Christmas as 'humbug'. It is only through a series of eerie, life-changing visits from the ghost of his deceased business partner Marley and the spirits of Christmas past, present and future that he begins to see the error of his ways. With heart-rending characters, rich imagery and evocative language, the message of A Christmas Carol remains as significant today as when it was first published.
  • APGGZ 3 years +
    3 years +
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    Late on Christmas Eve a boy boards a mysterious train that waits for him: the Polar Express, bound for the North Pole. When he arrives there, Santa offers him any gift he desires. The boy modestly asks for one bell from the reindeer's harness. It turns out to be a very special gift, for only believers in Santa can hear it ring.
  • BHAZV 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £12.39
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    The one and only Grinch from the iconic Dr. Seuss gets a brand new look for his 60th birthday, in this collectible slipcase edition with a special introduction all about your favourite Christmas character! It's the Grinch's 60th birthday - and you're invited to the party! "The Grinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season! Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason..." With a heart two sizes too small, the Grinch is the meanest creature you'll ever meet. He hates Christmas and the whole festive season. But when he hatches a dastardly plot to steal Christmas, he's in for a big surprise! With hilarious rhymes and beautiful illustrations, this classic seasonal story has become a favourite for good reason and teaches readers the true meaning of Christmas. Now in a very special foiled slipcase edition with extra material, this classic story is the perfect gift for boys and girls of all ages.