Book People Have Been Nominated for the Children's Bookseller of the Year in the British Book Awards

We're thrilled that Book People have been announced as one of the nominees for the Children's Bookseller of the Year for the 2018 British Book Awards (also known as the Nibbies)! Here at Book People, we are committed to being an expert authority in children's books and encouraging a love of reading from childhood. Over the last 30 years, our business has established itself as a heritage brand in bookselling and always pushes itself to be innovative and exciting in the range of children's books it provides. 2017 was a stand-out year for us in encouraging that love of reading in all our customers. To mark this rather exciting occasion we wanted to share some of the initiatives we have been working on to get kids reading this year.

We recognised that schools are finding it continuously challenging to provide books when budgets are tight. This is why we offer School Book Fairs that not only provide great value for children and parents but also fantastic value for schools that can use the commission earned during a Book Fair to stock their classrooms and libraries with free books. In 2017, we took our initiatives to take books into schools even further by launching our Book Bus – an experiential way to bring our hand-picked range of books to students, parents, carers, guardians and teachers. We're really proud that we are so able to help schools keep their library and classroom shelves full and have loved seeing all the responses from happy teachers and students on social media.

This year we've also been able to collaborate with Hachette on our Lifetime of Adventure partnership which saw us selling exclusive Enid Blyton gift sets and collections. Her timeless books have been long favourites of our customers so we were thrilled to sell these stories to a new generation of young bookworms. As part of our partnership, we launched the Noddy Challenge in summer 2017 which saw Book People collaborate with parenting bloggers and encourage children to create some Noddy-themed crafts. The crafts we saw were brilliant and we're so glad so many families got involved with the project. 

Over the last year we have been working with some excellent young writers through our Bedtime Story Competition, which aimed to engage children in the pleasure of reading and writing stories. Launched in autumn 2016, the first half of 2017 focused on the previous year's 9-year-old winner, Isabel Harris, and her lovely story, The Moon Man. The book became our fastest selling new picture book of 2017 and proceeds are being donated to Action for Children with over 20,000 pounds donated so far. Following on from this, our 2017 Bedtime Story Competition winner was 9 year-old Frasier Cox with his story, There's a Boy Just Like Me, which will be published in summer 2018. Frasier's story is told in the form of a poem and tells the story of a hypothetical friendship between a boy and a refugee. We can't wait until we can share Frasier's fantastic story with you all.

We've also been focusing our attention on alternatives to traditional fiction books for children as, increasingly, fiction is not the only way kids come to (or indeed, enjoy) books. This had led us to stock more children's non-fiction and audiobooks in order to bring more variety for children and parents selecting reading material for their kids. 

2017 was an amazing year for us and we know 2018 will be just as exciting (if not, maybe even more!). The winners of the British Book Awards will be announced on the 14th May and we can't wait to see what the outcome will be. Congrats to all nominated and thank you to our customers for their continued support.