Books to Get You and Your Kids Outside

Now that spring has well and truly sprung, it's time to be getting out into the wild and exploring nature. But, with so many distractions, like TVs, tablets, games consoles and - dare we say it - books keeping your kids inside, sometimes it can be tricky getting them out and about. A recent survey revealed that three quarters of children in the UK spend less time outside than prisoners! So, here are some books to help you encourage your family to join in some fun days in the great outdoors.

1. Bug Hotel and Bird House 

Clover Robin 

3 years +

These lift-the-flap books are all about what bugs and birds your kids can find in their gardens and how to help look after them. Bug Hotel features a range of facts about insects and critters including ladybirds, bees and snails and how to care for them by constructing your own bug hotel. In Bird House, your children can learn all about the birds they'll see in their garden, including information on how to make your garden more welcoming for birds by using bird feeders and bird houses, as well as extra facts about topics such as nests and migration. These fascinating and engaging reads for toddlers will make them really keen to get out and explore the animals they can spot in the wild. 

BUGH 3 years +
3 years +
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Children interested in nature and all kinds of creepy-crawlies will love learning the facts on display in this fun lift-the-flap book.

BRDH 3 years +
3 years +
  • £4.99
  • RRP £8.99
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The Bird House is a shaped lift-the-flap book that will help children learn more about our feathered friends. It offers tips on how kids can make their gardens more bird-friendly.


2. 101 Fun Outdoor Activities for Children

Fiona Bird 

7 years +

You won't be stuck for ideas for getting the whole family exploring the great outdoor with this fantastic activity book. From crafting ideas such as leaf bunting to embracing the wildlife by animal tracking, there is a great range of fun activities for you and your kids to try. With a focus on getting your kids enjoying nature, the book also aims to improve your kids' fitness levels and getting the whole family to bond together. If you need some outdoor activity ideas that are sure to make them put down their phones for a while, this is the book for you.

3. Rainy Day Kids Adventure Book

Steph Scott

The outdoor fun doesn't have to stop when the rain starts falling, Steph Scott's book brings together a whole range of activities that all the family can get involved in - whatever the weather! Get your children involved in activities like puddle painting and making windspinners. Plus, if the bad weather gets a bit much, there are also indoor activity ideas using things found in nature for you all to try out. Never be down about a rainy day again with this handy activity book. 


These are the books you need to add to your shelf if you are looking to make the most of the warmer weather with the whole family. Get your kids out in the sunshine and enjoying the wild outdoors without the hassle with these fantastic books. Have fun out there!