Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing With These Moon Books

Apollo 11 was launched on the 16th July 1969 with Neil Armstong and Buzz Aldrin touching down on the Moon's surface on the 20th July in the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle. Neil Armstrong then became the first human to ever step foot on the Moon six hours later, now into the early morning of the 21st July with Buzz Aldrin following him onto the surface 19 minutes after. Michael Collins flew the command module Columbia and remained in lunar orbit until Armstong and Aldrin returned. Whilst on the Moon they took photographs and took samples that would be examined when back on Earth. They also famously planted a US flag on the Moon and made history, altering humankind's perception of what was impossible forevermore. 

2019 marks 50 years since this momentous occasion so we're celebrating with some of our very favourite Moon-themed reads. Whether you remember watching the famous footage of Armstrong and Aldrin on the Moon when it was first broadcast or you and your family have developed an interest in the event since, we have some fantastic Moon books for all ages to add to your reading lists. 

Moon Books

Moon Books for Astronomical Adults:

Missions to the Moon

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Rod Pyle

This fascinating book was written in honour of the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing and features facts and details about the history of space travel and how far we've come over the years. The book starts with a foreword by former NASA flight director Gene Kranz before detailing cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin's space flight and how we made it to the surface of the Moon soon after. Featuring photographs from the first Moon landing and Apollo 11 Mission Reports and Flight Director's Logs and more, this is a wonderful celebration of the history of space travel.  


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Royal Observatory Greenwich

The Royal Observatory Greenwich knows that Moongazing can be just as rewarding as stargazing and in this beginner's guide you can find out how you can get into Moongazing too. Discover what equipment to buy and what special events to look out during the Moon's orbits. Plus, you can read up on the history of lunar exploration for a well-rounded overview of why the Moon is awesome. 

Hasselblad & the Moon Landing

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Deborah Ireland

The equipment that got Neil Armstong and Buzz Aldrin to the Moon is just as significant as the individuals who landed there in this interesting take on the history of the Moon landing. The Hasselblad 500EL was the camera that they used to photograph each other on the Moon and in this fascinating read you can see these photos and discover what the requirements were for a camera that would work on the Moon. 

Moon Books for Young Lunar Learners:

Meg on the Moon

  • £5.89
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Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski


For his birthday, Mog has decide he would like a trip to the Moon so Meg takes them both on a flying saucer ride to explore the Moon's surface. The Meg and Mog books have been entertaining children with fun stories and bright colours since the 1970s and in this astronomical addition to the series, Meg and Mog take on space travel. 

The First Hippo on the Moon

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David Walliams and Tony Ross

Two hippos are both trying to be the first hippo to land on the Moon in this silly but, obviously, hilarious picture book from David Walliams and Tony Ross. This is one small step for a hippo but one giant leap for hippokind. Who will be first to land? 

Our Solar System: The Moon

  • £4.99
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Mary-Jane Wilkins


The Moon and its many curiosities aren't just interesting to adults and this title, aimed at children aged four and up proves just that. Fact-loving kids will enjoy reading about Moon phases and landings, eclipses and more. The book features stunning photographs and illustrations that help to simplify the science surrounding the Moon and its place in our solar system. 

Journey to the Moon 

  • £3.99
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Raymond Bean


It's a lunar adventure! Starr's family are leading the first group of space tourists to the Moon and although she's nervous about this new out-of-this-world chapter in her life, she's determined to make the most of the experience. And, since her brother said that girls aren't tough enough to go to the Moon, she's about to prove him very wrong! 

24 Hour History Collection - 4 Books

24 Hour History Collection - 4 Books - Collection - 9781474764896
  • £3.99
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  • Just £1.00 per book


This four-book collection makes learning history engaging by retelling famous historical events in graphic novel format. The titles include D-Day, The Assassination of John F. Kennedy, The Attack on Pearl Harbour and The Apollo 11 Moon Landing! There's no better way of commemorating the Moon landing than by revisiting the story of how it happened. The Moon landing book in this set makes Neil Armstong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins' expedition really come to life. 

Make the most of this exciting anniversary with these marvellous Moon books ranging from entertaining stories for children to fascinating non-fiction reads for adults. We're really excited to see what events will be happening to commemorate the Moon landing and to celebrate the science and history of space travel this year!