Detective Unicorn and the Missing Pyjamas by Grace Shaw | Bedtime Story Competition 2018

Our Bedtime Story Competition 2018 has come to a close and we're so excited to share the winning stories with you. The competition saw children aged between five and 11 write a bedtime story on the theme of imagination. There were three age category winners with one of three going on to be the overall winner whose story will be published as a real picture book which will be available to purchase next year from us at Book People with proceeds going towards Save the Children UK. 8-year-old Grace Shaw from West Yorkshire won the 8-9 age category and was one of the runners-up for the overall prize in this year's competition. Grace won 250 pounds worth of books for herself and a further 250 worth pounds for her school to give her plenty of inspiration for her next story. And, since we loved her story so much, we're sharing it with you now.

Hammy is a baby hamster and one night she was playing with her favourite rubber duck in the bath. Hammy was very tired after a long day at hamster school and she was enjoying making a splash. Hammy always made a mess wherever she went and there was water and bubbles all over the floor. 

Her mummy came to the bathroom and said "Oh Hammy you are so messy. It's time to get out of the bath and get your pyjamas on ready for supper". 

Hammy got out of the bath leaving little hamster bubble footprints all over the floor and walked to her bedroom to get her pyjamas. Hammy always left her pyjamas in a safe place: under her pillow. She lifted the pillow and was shocked to find that the pyjamas were missing. What was she going to do? Hammy shouted out for help. "Who can help me find my missing pyjamas?" Suddenly from under the bed came a voice. "I can help you Hammy," the voice said. Hammy peeked under her bed and there with all her teddy bears and toys was a Unicorn with a magnifying glass. "Who are you?" asked Hammy. "I am Detective Unicorn and my job is to help children find missing jewellery, teddies, biscuits and in your case missing pyjamas!"

Detective Unicorn started to ask Hammy questions whilst looking around the bedroom. "What do your pyjamas look like Hammy?" Hammy replied, "Well, they're little, pink and fluffy like me". "And where did you last see them Hammy?" Hammy replied, "Under my pillow this morning where I normally leave them". Detective Unicorn went over to the pillow and lifted it up and then checked all under the quilt and sheets. "Well it's definitely not there Hammy. HAMMY are you listening?" Hammy turned around and tried to talk but couldn't as her cheeks were full of a broken biscuit that she had found under the bed. Crumbs were all over her furry face and dressing gown.
Detective Unicorn walked over to Hammy and said, "hmmmm are you always a messy eater Hammy?" Hammy did a squeaky laugh and said, "yes I am hehe. My mummy says I am and she always has to wash my clothes".

Detective Unicorn thought about this and said, "Hammy, what did you have for breakfast this morning?" Hammy thought about this and said, "I remember I had cereal with banana and chocolate milk. I remember because I spilt it all over my pyjamas when I slurped my milk". Detective Unicorn suddenly had a thought and said, "if you slurped your milk where would your pyjamas go Hammy?"

Together they both shouted "IN THE WASHING MACHINE!"

They both ran downstairs and into the kitchen and peered inside the glass. Looking back at them were Hammy's pink fluffy pyjamas. 

"There they are," shouted Hammy. "Thank you so much Detective Unicorn for all your help". Detective Unicorn waved her magnifying glass in the air and with a puff of glitter she stated to disappear. "No problem Hammy. I'm always here if you lose anything again just shout out for me".

Hammy was really tired now and ran upstairs to find new pyjamas and this time she chose a pair of white ones covered in rainbows and unicorns. She crawled in to her bed and laid down ready to sleep. "Thank you Detective Unicorn". And with that she fell asleep.

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