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Discover the History of Hair and Makeup with This Essential Style Guide

There have been many stunning looks throughout the last century that have become iconic to hair and makeup fans, but styles are always changing. And, with so many new styles having emerged over the last 100 years alone, charting the evolution of hair and makeup styling is no easy feat. Yet, Louise Young and Loulia Sheppard have compiled the stunning style guide, Timeless: A Century of Iconic Looks, which does just that. It is a celebration of all the key hairdos and makeup looks of the past few decades with beautiful photography and instructions on how to recreate them yourself.

Professional makeup artist, Louise Young, has worked in the fashion, film and television industries for 35 years. Co-writer, Loulia Sheppard, a hairstylist, has worked in film for many years and is an expert in styling the stars. Together they have pooled the knowledge they have gained over the courses of their careers to write this gorgeous book for you.

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Beautiful Makeup Looks to Try Yourself

Louise shows you how to recreate looks from the past simply with step-by-step instructions and featuring photos of each stage of the look coming together. Starting with the minimal look of Edwardian women and going through to the mid-1990s grunge aesthetic, each style is explored in rich detail. Photo references of style icons, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and Sade, are used to inspire the looks that Louise recreates.

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The History of Hairstyling

If you've ever wanted to try 1930s finger waves or 1980s big curls yourself you can with the illustrated hair guides that pair with each makeup look. No vintage look is complete without the hair to match and Loulia's easy steps can help your gorgeous vintage look really come together.

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Products of the Past

Every decade of makeup and hair history also comes with a really unique double-page spread showing all the top products that were used in that time. These pages feel like 2D museums with a range of items so you can see the evolution of the products and cosmetics that have been used to create these classic styles. Then Louise instructs you on how to recreate the looks with modern products so you can get as close to the real thing as possible.

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Colour Guides and Stunning Photos

Packed with stunning photography, each look is given the attention and focus it deserves with photos capturing every step of the makeup process. Each decade also comes with a colour guide and overview of how people have approached lipstick, eyeshadow and blusher to create the popular looks of the time, making recreating the styles even easier.

Timeless: A Century of Iconic Looks is a gorgeous style guide helping you recreate loads of beautiful looks from over the last century. It would make for a perfect gift for makeup fans and hair-obsessives or as a treat for yourself to see which looks you can try out yourself.

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    Whether you have a photo shoot, a fancy dress party or just want to recreate some of the defining poses of the past 100 years, this is the beauty bible for you.

    It provides step-by-step instructions for recreating every look from the dark and smouldering eyes of a jazz-age flapper to the electro icons of the 1980s. Focusing on make-up and hair, it's fully illustrated with step-by-step photography and is entirely practical.

    This book is full of inspiring photographs and the instructions have been written by Louise Young, a renowned film, TV and fashion make-up artist and Loulia Sheppard, a film industry hair stylist.
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