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Enid Blyton Teaching Resources - Spoken Language

The following lesson plans and teaching resources can be used to support English, Drama and PSHE lessons. In amongst this range of lesson plans, there are tasks and activities that aim to help your students become more confident with their spoken language skills, understand how to convey emotion and learn to consider the viewpoints of others. Each teaching resource is inspired by either Enid Blyton's The Famous Five or The Naughtiest Girl series and you can find the lesson plan downloadables in each lesson plan link.

Key Stage 2

The Naughtiest Girl: Considering Viewpoints

Suitable for either English or PHSE lessons, this resource encourages students to think about the language they use as well as working together as a group to make decisions. Featuring extracts from The Naughtiest Girl, students are asked to consider the way the heroine feels and use consequence cards to decide what they would do after reading each scenario.

The Famous Five: Discussing Gender Stereotypes

This teaching resource focuses on gender stereotypes and encourages students to gain an understanding of gender equality. The extracts from Five on a Treasure Island provided can be used to create class discussion and address the topic of gender sensitively in a school setting.

The Famous Five: Conveying Emotions

Appropriate for both English and Drama lessons, the tasks in this lesson plan involve conveying emotion through performance and acting. The main activity teaches students how to use their facial expressions and body language to embody the characters in an extract from Five on a Treasure Island.

All Ages

The Naughtiest Girl: Packing a Suitcase

Inspired by The Naughtiest Girl, this lesson plan aims to teach students how to confidently describe a set of objects they would keep in their dorm if they attended the same boarding school as the heroine in the books. Then, by presenting their ideas to the class, they are also tasked with being persuasive by explaining why they chose the items they have on their lists. 

The Naughtiest Girl: Using Similes

This teaching resource acts as an introduction to similes and aids students with learning how to use them in their imaginative descriptions and written English tasks. Once they have learnt how to identify the similes in an extract from The Naughtiest Girl, they are given the opportunity to write some examples of their own and engage in a physical activity to showcase their understanding.

These lesson plans are all inspired by Enid Blyton's children's book series and are designed to help primary school age children improve their spoken language skills through class discussions, taking part in dramatic performances and presenting their written ideas to the class. 

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