Enid Blyton Teaching Resources - Writing Skills

If you are looking for engaging teaching resources to aid your students' learning in their English class then these lesson plans, inspired by Enid Blyton's The Famous Five and The Naughtiest Girl series, can help your students improve their writing skills and learn new ways to write emotively and imaginatively. You can find the lesson plan downloadables in each lesson plan link.


Key Stage 1 Writing Skills Resources

The Famous Five: Composition 

This teaching resource guides young students through the process of building sentences and pairing nouns with appropriate adjectives. With bright worksheets and an extract from Five On a Treasure Island included in the lesson plan, students will be engaged in a series of tasks that will help them work on their composition skills. 

The Famous Five: Conjunctions

Also inspired by Five On a Treasure Island, this lesson plan focuses on teaching students how to identify and use conjunctions. The main activities in this teaching resource give your students a chance to do some drawing and independent writing which will demonstrate their understanding as they incorporate conjunctions into their writing.


Key Stage 2 Writing Resources

The Famous Five: Letter Writing

Aimed at Key Stage 2 English classes, this lesson plan sees students tasked with writing a letter from the point of view of a character from Five On a Treasure Island. In the warm up activity, students are encouraged to consider how the character would feel after reading a series of extracts before writing their persuasive letters in the main task.  

The Naughtiest Girl: Diary Entry Writing 

This lesson plan is for upper Key Stage 2 students and is inspired by The Naughtiest Girl series. Students are given a series of extracts to read which describe the heroine's first day at school and are asked to write a diary entry in the first person as the heroine, taking into account how she feels in the extracts they've read. 


These lesson plans are all inspired by Enid Blyton's children's series and are designed to help primary school age children improve their writing skills by building on their knowledge of the components of the English language and learning to write persuasively and descriptively as fictional characters. 

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