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Everything You Need to Know About Jamie Oliver's New Book, 5 Ingredients

22nd August 2017

Calling all home cooks! If you're looking for recipes for simple yet scrumptious food, this may just be the perfect cookbook for you. Check out this article for everything you need to know about Jamie Oliver's brilliant new book, 5 Ingredients...

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Jamie Oliver is well-known for his delicious, nutritious and drool-worthy dishes... and for how complicated they can be to make in your own kitchen! But much to the relief of all of us novice cooks, Jamie has said that his latest cookbook, 5 Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food, focuses on 'simple cooking, big flavour and five ingredients'. (Phew!)


The book contains more than 130 lip-smacking recipes, each with a visual ingredient guide and a short, simple, hassle-free method. Plus, Jamie offers extra tips and tricks to make the whole process smoother and more rewarding - and your food that much tastier!

Separate chapters focus on different core ingredients, including pork, beef, lamb, pasta, salads, noodles, rice and eggs, so whatever your particular food favourites are, you're sure to be covered.

In short, you'll be able to feed the whole family cheaply, scrumptiously and seriously easily using just five accessible ingredients with Jamie Oliver's beautiful new book. We can't wait to try his tempting new recipes!

Plus, the book ties in with a brand new Channel 4 TV series, Jamie's Quick & Easy Food, throughout which Jamie will demonstrate some of the simple yet scrummy recipes included in the book. So get watching and get reading and before long, you're sure to be whipping up absolutely delicious dishes for all the family - they'll never know you've only used five ingredients!

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