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Get Your Hands On All The Man Booker Shortlist 2017 Books

With the Man Booker Shortlist 2017 having just been announced, we have rounded up the six incredible novels that have made the cut. Here, in no particular order, are the books that are in the running to win the Man Booker Prize 2017...

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  • £16.00
  • RRP £20.00
  • Save £4.00

Paul Auster

Paul Auster's brilliantly thought-provoking novel follows the many lives of Archibald Isaac Ferguson. From his birth in New Jersey in 1947, we see Ferguson's life head in four different directions. In this fascinating exploration of how one man's life can follow many paths, Auster's most intriguing novel yet is a must-read.


History of Wolves

  • £10.39
  • RRP £12.99
  • Save £2.60

Emily Fridlund

14-year-old Linda is desperate to find her place in the world. At school she is bullied and at home she lives in an ex-commune with parents who don't give her the attention she craves. However, all this is about to change when she begins babysitting for the family that have just moved in over the lake. Suddenly Linda finds herself thrown into the middle of a complex and dangerous reality. Emily Fridlund's stunning debut novel will keep you guessing until the end.


Exit West

  • £14.69
  • RRP £14.99
  • Save £0.30

Mohsin Hamid

Primarily a love story set across a backdrop of civil war, Mohsin Hamid's fascinating novel follows Nadia and Saeed, two normal people who fall in love, are brought closer together by tragedy and strive to escape from the extreme danger destroying the world around them. A book about love, war and immigration, this incredibly moving and eye-opening novel is a story for our time.



  • £9.89
  • RRP £10.99
  • Save £1.10

Fiona Mozley

Fiona Mozley's ground-breaking debut novel is a dark and strange insight to an unusual family. Set in the wild landscapes of Yorkshire and focused on Daniel's relationship with his violent father, this shocking and unnerving story weaves social commentary on the family's place in contemporary society into this fiercely Gothic tale.


Lincoln in the Bardo

  • £15.19
  • RRP £18.99
  • Save £3.80

George Saunders

This surprisingly humorous novel tells the story of Abraham Lincoln's grief following the death of his 11-year-old son, Willie. Blending the themes of loss and family with fascinating and enthralling fantasy as Willie becomes stuck in the bardo, a transitional realm where monsters try to steal his soul. This brilliant novel, combining real history with sinister supernatural elements, creates an unusual and comedic narrative sure to keep you mesmerised right until the final page.



  • £13.59
  • RRP £16.99
  • Save £3.40

Ali Smith

This is the first in Ali Smith's ambitious project to write a book for each season. Autumn introduces two remarkable characters, 101 year-old Daniel, and 32 year-old Elisabeth, and their unusual friendship. Set in modern day, in the politically divided United Kingdom, the novel comments on ageing, life and love.


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