How Can Reading Champion Support Independent and Guided Reading?

Reading Champion is a primary reading series with titles covering a range of book bands and developed with the UCL Institute of Education. The series is great for both teaching reading in school through guided reading and helping parents find suitable reading material for independent reading at home. 

How Can Reading Champion Support Independent and Guided Reading?

Glen Franklin and Dr Sue Bodman, Reading Champion Consultants from the UCL Institute of Education, have explained how Reading Champion works and why it's beneficial for your pupils or children. They also explained the differences between independent and guided reading and how the Reading Champion books slot into the book bands. 

The idea behind Reading Champion is that parents can find independent reading books that match the band that children are reading at school and provide them with a variety of exciting and interesting titles for them to enjoy at home. For teachers, the Reading Champion series provides plenty of books to recommend to your pupils. Reading Champion allows teachers and parents to work together to help improve children's reading by being the first officially levelled reading programme linking to the guided reading that your child is doing in the classroom. 

What is book banding?

Book banding is standard in the UK with most reading schemes and series following a set of levels that children move through as they learn. Children learn to read by developing the skills they need in a certain order e.g. recognising letters before they can recognise words. 

What is independent reading?

Reading Champion gives children plenty of variety in books they can enjoy reading at home. This means they have time to practise their reading without the supervision of a teacher and either with or without a parent/guardian. Through independent reading children can learn what books they enjoy and how they like to spend reading time, whether that is on their own or reading to a parent, guardian or sibling. Independent reading can also encourage reading for pleasure as they grow up as they can choose what story to read from the many different types of story in the Reading Champion sets, from animal tales to magical adventures to hilarious reads. 

What is guided reading?

Guiding reading is used by teachers in school is check on their pupils' reading progress and help them tackle new words and challenges when reading. Teachers will take a small group of children who are reading at the same book band and give them all the same book to read. They will highlight any parts of the book that their pupils may find tricky and use this as a way to introduce new topics in learning to read. The pupils then start independent reading and the teacher goes around the group, listening in and supporting each pupil individually as they read.  

Now you've had an overview of Reading Champion you can decide whether you think it would work well alongside your child's independent reading or your pupils' guided reading. Helping your children and pupils build their reading confidence and develop a love of reading is easier when you have a fantastic variety of books to share with them.