How the Accelerated Reader Programme Can Turn Your Reluctant Readers into Bookworms

Supporting reading development is hugely important to us at Book People. This is why we've recently started selling book bundles to bring interesting and affordable reading scheme and literacy titles to schools to help students build on their reading confidence.

For these bundles, we have teamed up publishers and reading scheme professionals to curate a selection of books at a great price that will be both engaging and appropriately challenging for your children and students. 

One of the reading programmes we have worked with is Accelerated Reader. Our Accelerated Reader book bundles are split up by interest and reading ability and aim to build reading confidence whilst also encouraging children to read for pleasure. 

Renaissance Learning, the company behind the programme, has explained how it works and what the benefits are for your children and students in their reading development:

Earning points for reading books they'll love

Accelerated Reader is a reading practice programme used by almost 6,000 primary and secondary schools across the UK and Ireland to promote a culture of reading for pleasure, whilst encouraging reading growth. For students, the programme is as simple as reading a 'suitably-challenging' book and taking an online quiz on their understanding of it. Each successfully passed quiz earns the student points, allowing them to work towards personalised reading targets set by their teacher and based on their reading ability. 

Over 31,000 books have been quizzed for Accelerated Reader, each with its own Book Level and Interest Level. Children are encouraged to choose a book that falls within their reading range that is neither too difficult, nor too easy. They can then work with their teachers to set personalised reading targets and explore books which are the most suitable and engaging for them.

Finding books to suit students as individuals

A Book Level is determined by using a formula that measures the complexity of a text by its average sentence length, word length and word difficulty. This allows for an accurate and consistent reading difficulty scale by which any text can be analysed. Teachers can even upload pieces of written work to establish the level at which a student is writing. Plus, the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder website can be used to search for quizzed titles and recommend new ones.

Bookfinder can also be used to search by Interest Level, which is particularly important when identifying books that require a lower reading ability but may contain more grown-up themes or topics of interest to older children. There are four Interest Levels:

  • Lower Years: Ages 5-8
  • Middle Years: Ages 9-13 
  • Middle Years Plus: Ages 12 and above
  • Upper Years: Ages 14 and above

The categories Lower Years, Middle Years and Upper Years are an indication of the age range a book will appeal to, including the themes it deals with and language strength. Sometimes children may read at a more mature level than their age in which case the Interest Level can be raised accordingly by their teacher.

Accelerated Reader has a powerful impact 

There have been many success stories from schools that have used the programme and seen a positive effect on their students' reading development. One such example is that of St Joseph's Primary School in County Armagh. The principal said that "this programme has raised reading standards within our school, which I would say were very satisfactory, to the point now where they are absolutely excellent at every level of ability".

Where our book bundles come in

Accelerated Reader Fiction Bundle 121 MY 1.4 - 2.9 - Collection - 9990000037490
  • £75.37
  • RRP £150.74
  • Save £75.37Save 49%
  • Just £2.90 per book

 If the Accelerated Reader programme sounds like a good way to encourage your students to become keen readers then you can click here o request more information on the Renaissance Learning website. You can also browse our range of book bundles to find the right selection for your school on our website. Our bundles are designed to help you stock up on the Accelerated Reader titles and make your budget go further. Each bundle features between 20-42 books and our range covers a variety of Interest and Book Levels. 

Accelerated Reader Non-Fiction Bundle 119 LY 1.9 - 2.9 - Collection - 9990000037476
  • £121.40
  • RRP £242.80
  • Save £121.40Save 49%
  • Just £6.07 per book

If you're struggling to find books that appeal to Middle Year reluctant readers, our Fiction Bundle 121, which includes exciting, action-packed adventures with comic book characters and brave heroes, would be perfect. Alternatively, if you have some Lower Year students who prefer facts to fiction then our Non-Fiction Bundle 119 has some interesting books on nature, science and society that will hold your students' attention and introduce them to new words as they read. Browse our full range of Accelerated Reader bundles to find out which ones would be best in your school or to get some ideas about which books to introduce to your children to read before bedtime for parents.

Finding books that are engaging for reading of all ages and interests is much easier with the Accelerated Reading programme. For teachers, monitoring your students' progress through the online system and quizzes means you can always plan out their reading goals accurately and efficiently. Parents can also benefit by seeing their children delve into reading for pleasure. To learn more about Accelerated Reader click here and browse our full range of Accelerated Reader bundles.