How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

Reading slumps are evil things. They creep up on you when you least expect them and steal away your love of reading, refusing to give it back for a while. Maybe it hits you when you've just read an amazing book that you don't think any other book could match in excellence or maybe you've read a book you hated so much you need a break from literature or maybe your sudden aversion to reading has suddenly cropped up out of the blue. It doesn't matter how much of a keen reader you are, we all get into reading slumps from time-to-time. So, we're sharing our best tips for getting you free from a reading slump here to free you from its clutches.

1. Start small 

If you've managed to get yourself to finally pick up a book, the last thing you want to do is give up on finishing it because there are just too many pages for your brain to handle in this difficult time. So, start small by reading shorter books or novellas. Maybe you could even try reading some short stories. When you're trying to get yourself back into reading sometimes it doesn't matter what you're reading or how long it is, if you enjoy it, they might be all you need to get back into reading again.

2. Get out your comfort zone 

Sometimes reading slumps are brought on by reading too much of the same thing. Maybe you just need to read something out of your usual go-to genres. So, if you usually read action-packed crime thrillers, maybe you could try reading a sweeping romance to take you out of your comfort zone. Or, if you want to try something new without losing what you love about your favourite genre then take a look at what makes you drawn to those kind of books and see if you can find that in another type of story. For example, if you're a fantasy fan because you love being taken to far-off magical places in your head then maybe try a book that will also transport you to another place that isn't a fantasy, like a historical or science fiction novel. 

3. Trust your own recommendations

Try going through your bookshelves, reorganising them and finding hidden gems that you'd forgotten you'd bought and give reading them a try - past you must have thought they were worth a read once! You could also write a new to-be-read list or make a wish list of books you've wanted to read for a long time and work your way through them. You're sure to find at least one book amongst them that you feel excited to get started on. 

4. Revisit the stories you love 

If you find yourself struggling to read something new because you're too in love with the last book you read then why not try reading something else you know you love just as much. Or, if you're struggling with a reading slump because you didn't enjoy the last book you read then by rereading your favourites you can remind yourself how great some books can be and how much, deep down, you do really like reading.

 5. Ask around

If you've had some books recommended to you recently by friends or family then give those reads a try - especially if they've been suggested to you by the people who know you best! Or, if you are in need of some recommendations then have a read through our blog to find lots and lots of book recommendations for all kinds of book fans and look out for reviews of new books to give you some reading inspiration. 

6. Be a quitter 

Don't force yourself to read a book you're not enjoying just to get yourself reading again. You may well find yourself in another reading slump after you've finished. If you're not enjoying the book you're reading, stop and try something new. 

7. Get on Netflix 

Watch some brilliant film and TV adaptations of books to inspire yourself to go away and read the books that these adaptations were based on.

8. Make reading a priority 

Getting into a reading slump is easy when you start to think you're "too busy" to read. But, even if you limit your reading time to ten minutes before bed, you will still soon be finishing another book. If you schedule time to read into your day but are making sure you're being realistic about how much time you can spend reading (we wish we could devout every waking minute to reading too, but life is filled with other responsibilities) then you might just be reading again before you know it. 

These are the best ways we've found to beat the reading slump and bring that drive to read every book on our shelves back again. So, next time you find yourself in the middle of a reading slump, don't get down about it, follow these simple tips and you'll be reading like it's going out of fashion (as if it every could!) once again.