Information About Our Single Use Plastic Carrier Bags Charge

In 2015, the Government introduced a 5p charge for single-use plastic bags to reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill and ending up in oceans. Businesses with over 250 staff and who use plastic bags of less than 70 microns must charge for these bags and are encouraged to donate the proceeds from this charge to charities and good causes.

As a business we currently offer our customers high quality white plastic bags (45 micron White LDPE) at our Book Events, which could be multi use. 

Our policy is to donate the money raised from the 5p plastic bag charge to charity. 

On reviewing our financial records it has come to light that for accounting years from 2015/16 until 2017/18 the proceeds raised from the 5p charge were not donated. We regret this oversight and have rectified this mistake today and will donate the total net proceeds of £14,307.46 raised from plastic bag charges to our charity partner, Save The Children.

We want to be transparent with our customers that whilst this was a genuine oversight we take full responsibility and have put procedures in place to ensure this does not happen again.

The net proceeds from the 5p bag charge since 2015 is as follows:

plastic bag charge infographic

You will see that in 2017/18, we reduced the number of plastic bags sold by 45%.

Book People are committed to significantly reducing, and where possible completely removing, the use of plastic across the business. We know plastic is bad, and we have already introduced initiatives which will save at least 27.5 tonnes of plastic going into landfill in 2019. You can read more about this, and other initiatives here.

Once our current supply is used up, we will stop selling plastic bags at our Book Events. We do not think the best use of the remaining bags is for them to go straight to landfill and as they could be multi-use we will continue to sell them until we run out.

We are currently engaging with our customers and community to find out which alternative option you would prefer. You can get involved here.