Join Mischievous Twins Pat and Isabel at St Clare's in Our Exclusive Book Set

We love sharing our favourite books and series with you, especially when they are childhood classics that we know many of you read and loved when you were young. We've recently been featuring more and more Enid Blyton book sets on our website such as our Famous Five and Malory Towers collections and now we've got another one to show you. If you or your children loved our Malory Towers book set, you'll also have a great time reading our St Clare's book set.'s-Header.jpg

The St Clare's series follows Pat and Isabel O'Sullivan over their time at St Clare's boarding school. When they finish Redroofs, their elite primary school they assume that they'll be attending the equally elite Ringmere, where all their friends will be going so it's a bit of a shock when they are actually sent to St Clare's. The twins vow to show their disdain for their parents' decision by rebelling against the school and being as mischievous as possible. But, over time, they make friends and start to fit in and eventually realise that maybe St Clare's is where they're supposed to be after all. Even if they do have a hard time avoiding trouble!

St Clare's Collection - 9 Books - Collection - 9781444950151 - Enid Blyton
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 St Clare's, Malory Towers and The Naughtiest Girl all featured mischievous heroines going on adventures, taking on mysteries and making friends and enemies at boarding schools. The Naughtiest Girl in the School came first with The Twins at St Clare's, the first of her St Clare's series coming quickly after. Between 1941 and 1946, Enid Blyton wrote the six original St Clare's novels. Our 9-book set features these six original stories and three extra books that Pamela Cox wrote to continue the series.

Enid Blyton was Head Girl of her school, St Christopher's School for Girls, and taught in a boys' preparatory school which likely inspired her school series. The St Clare's series makes boarding school look anything but boring with midnight feasts, pranks, games and a whole host of hilarious and memorable characters, from the students, including the bold Claudine and circus-girl Carlotta, to the teachers like the headmistress Miss Theobald and French teacher Mam'zelle. 

The books have been translated and read by children all over the world and have even appeared in their own Japanese anime! 

If you enjoyed reading St Clare's as a child then rereading as an adult might just feel like a warm nostalgic hug. Or, if you never read them when you were young, you can enjoy them by reading the books with your children now. You're never too old for a Enid Blyton classic!