Len Deighton's SS-GB: The New BBC Series

A brand new BBC adaptation of Len Deighton's chilling crime novel, SS-GB, is about to bring an exciting dose of drama to our Sunday night schedule - but what exactly is SS-GB about?


SS-GB asks a rather disturbing question: what would have happened if Britain had lost World War II? In the book, the Nazis have flocked into the country to carry out their occupation plans, Winston Churchill has been executed and the king has been imprisoned in the Tower of London. This sets the stage for a thrilling tale of danger, intrigue, rebellion, power, politics and difficult moral questions.

The Metropolitan Police in London resolve to adopt a business-as-usual approach, nine months after Britain has capitulated to Germany. The book follows one of the Met's top men, Detective Superintendent Douglas Archer, who must make an agonising moral choice every day in order to keep his position: to turn a blind eye to the occupying force as their practices infiltrate further and further into the British way of life. He is determined to keep the business of the Metropolitan Police separate from that of the encroaching SS - but for how long can he keep this up?

A murder investigation catches Archer's attention, offering a welcome distraction from his increasingly vexing moral qualms. However, it transpires that the murder victim has links to atomic research, which draws the attention of the German authorities. Archer can no longer separate his police work from the perilous politics around him, and is forced to confront his own compromised morals.

The Germans send over SS Standartenfuhrer Oskar Huth to look into the murder investigation, and Archer soon finds himself caught between Huth and the head of the police forces in Britain, Fritz Kellerman, Archer's own boss. Meanwhile, a British resistance movement is gaining momentum, and Archer inevitably becomes involved.

SS-GB is sure to have us on the edge of our seats, whether we're reading or watching it. Have you read this gripping book yet?

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