Motivational Books for When You Need A Boost

Sometimes motivation can be hard to find. Whether you're feeling down, struggling in your home or work life or just a bit worn out, we all need a little push in the right direction now and then. However you're feeling or what you're struggling with, a good motivational book can definitely help. So, if you're in need of a great motivational book to flick through in the mornings to make you feel inspired and ready for the day ahead, we have loads of options. To narrow it down a little, here is our selection of the best motivational books for when you need a boost...

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Motivational books for life

1. Rising Strong

  • £11.99

Brene Brown

This incredible book focuses on the power of failure and the importance of rising back up ever stronger than before. Brene Brown knows it takes courage to put yourself into a position of vulnerability and reminds us that if we keep aiming higher we will eventually fall. This motivating and powerful book reminds you not to lose that courage to try something new and, most of all, never fear failure.


2. Escape Your Invisible Prison

  • £14.89

Susan Armstrong

This book tells Susan Armstrong's life story and starts with how she was homeless, addicted and abused and how she turned things around to become a speaker, author and an award-winning trainer. Read her story and learn how she broke free from her invisible prison that was stopping her from living the life she wanted and learn how you can too destroy your own prison and find true happiness.


3. Driving Miss Norma

  • £11.29

Tim Bauerschmidt

Norma's husband died 2 days before she was diagnosed with cancer. From this dark place Miss Norma, at 90 years-old, decided to live life to the fullest and took to the road. Travelling across America with her son, Tim, his wife, Ramie, and their poodle, Ringo, they had many crazy adventures and became internet sensations. This hilarious and moving book, written by her son, is a motivating reminder to make the most of your life and never let anything get you down, even when you're in the darkest of times.


Motivational books for a better future

4. The Nordic Guide to Living 10 Years Longer

  • £3.99

Dr Bertil Marklund

Take a leaf out of Sweden's book with this brilliant guide to living longer. Dr Bertil Marklund introduces the idea of 'lagom', to live your life in a well-balanced way. In this book, you will find motivation to live a better life with loads of tips and advice backed up by scientific research, and see Dr Bertil debunk various myths. This great little book can really help you make a positive change to your life and have a longer future.


5. Make Your Own Bucket List

  • £9.79

Andrew Gall

Lots of people have bucket lists but not everyone's bucket list looks the same. With this fun book you can design your own unique list filled with the things you really want to do. But, even if you're not sure what you'd put on a bucket list, don't worry, the book comes with 200 prompts to help you figure that out. Learn what you truly want in life and find the ways to aim for your goals with this fantastic book.


Motivational books for work

6. The Chimp Paradox

  • £10.39

Dr Steve Peters

Dr Steve Peters has acted as a psychiatric consultant to lots of big companies and institutions, including the England football team, and now he has brought his expert advice to you. With his ideas on mind management, you can learn to overcome impulsivity and self-doubt to achieve the best in your professional life. Dr Steve introduces complicated concepts in simple ways, using interesting analogies, such as the 'chimp' that lives in your head that encourages you to make irrational choices. This book will help you stay motivated and reach your full potential at work and in your personal life too.

7. Drive

  • £7.99

Daniel H. Pink

This revolutionary book will change your understanding of how motivation works. Daniel H. Pink uses interesting examples to show how the human need to be in control of our lives is what really motivates us. Discover how when you know how motivation really works it can help you achieve a better work life and learn how to motivate others around you.


8. Scrappy

  • £11.99

Terri Sjodin

Terri Sjodin's brilliant motivational book teaches you to be scrappy - to work hard and be fearless in your working environment. Find your fighting spirit and put your mind to work by finding smart solutions to all your working problems with Terri Sjodin's great advice. Using examples, interviews and her personal experiences, Terri shows you how to be scrappy and motivate yourself to achieve anything you want.


Motivational books for Women

9. Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls

  • £10.39

Jes Baker

Blogger and activist, Jes Baker, focuses her sights on making all women - whatever shape and size - feel confident and empowered. In this series of essays Jes encourages you to put mental health first and feel motivated to enjoy your life regardless of how you look. This comedic and unique motivational book is a must for all women who need a little more confidence in themselves.

10. The Assertiveness Guide for Women

  • £11.29

Julie de Azevedo Hanks, PhD

Julie de Azevedo Hanks knows that it can be a struggle to find the right place on the assertiveness scale - between doormat and passive-aggressive - but in her brilliant book she shows you how you can be just the right amount of assertive in order to get what you want. With her advice coming from ideas based in mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy, you'll never struggle with assertiveness ever again with this motivating guide to achieving your goals.


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