New Autobiographies and Biographies That Make the Perfect Christmas Gift

This Christmas give the gift of thrilling and heart-warming true stories with one of our new autobiographies and biographies. You can read about the extraordinary lives of celebrities and those with incredible stories to share in our latest autobiographies. Or, discover stories of the past by well-respected historians in our range of new biographies. There really is something for to keep everyone happy this Christmas.

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1. The Real Pet Detective

  • £4.99

Tom Watkins

Tom Watkins is the founder of Animal Search UK, a service helping to locate missing pets and reunite them with their owners. During his 20 years as The Real Pet Detective, Tom has dealt with many bizarre and complicated missing pets cases... and has tried some strange techniques to find them. Packed with incredible, heart-warming stories, this book is perfect for animal lovers.

2. How Not To Be a Boy

  • £4.99

Robert Webb

Comedian and actor, Robert Webb, has written this autobiography all about his strange journey that turned him from a boy to a man. Moving through various lessons he learnt growing up, Robert examines the way men are viewed in society and why this needs to change. Using his own stories and memories, he encourages men to start talking about their troubles. This at once hilarious and moving read is great as a gift for everyone this Christmas.

3. Relish: My Life on a Plate

  • £4.00

Prue Leith

This eye-opening memoir will show you Great British Bake Off judge, Prue Leith, as you've never seen her before. She documents her life, starting with her move from South Africa to London in the 1960s right up to her success as a chef and food critic. Prue gives you a fascinating insight into her amazing career whilst also letting you into her personal life, including life as a mother and the adoption of her daughter. This memoir contains the life story of a very interesting figure and is entertaining and surprising throughout.


4. Dear Cancer, Love Victoria

  • £5.99

Victoria Derbyshire

This autobiography deals with BBC journalist, Victoria Derbyshire's, breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. In unflinching detail, Victoria describes her experiences with cancer, how she coped with telling her family and the struggles she had with chemotherapy and mastectomy. This book is both shocking and uplifting as Victoria describes how she bravely coped with her diagnosis.

5. This is Going to Hurt

  • £5.99

Adam Kay

Comedian Adam Kay worked as a junior doctor in the NHS from 2004 to 2010. In this revealing autobiography, Adam shares his experiences with the long hours, low pay and stressful shifts that junior doctors, up and down the country, are facing every day. Relatable for doctors and eye-opening for everyone else, no stone is unturned in this shocking memoir about life in the medical profession.


6. Pet Subjects

  • £3.99

Peter Wedderburn

Pete Wedderburn has been working as The Telegraph's resident vet for 10 years and in this autobiography he shares the highs and lows of his career. From the many great animals he's met over the years to the toughest decisions he's had to make, Pete holds nothing back. With witty narration and a lot of warm-warming stories, this book is filled with memorable anecdotes and characters.

7. The Trial of Adolf Hitler

  • £7.99

David King

Historian, David King's, fascinating biography about the Beer Hall Putsch, an attempt by Adolf Hitler to start a revolution in Munich in 1923, makes astonishing reading for history buffs. When the attempt failed he went on the run from the police and was eventually tried for high treason. With police files, trial transcripts and more, this is an amazing exploration of a significant part in the build up to the Second World War and success of the Nazi Party in Germany that is often lost to history.


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