New Pooch? 5 Brilliant Puppy Training and Dog Training Books

There are few things more exciting than hearing the patter of new paws in your home. However, when you've adopted a new dog or puppy, there is a lot to prepare. Between buying a new lead, collar, food bowl, dog bed, some toys and then puppy-proofing the house (and moving all your shoes off the floor and your vases to where no excited young pup is going to run into them!) you'll have a lot to remember. Training can seem like a bridge to cross when you come to it but bad habits can develop the moment you introduce your new pet to your home. Having a dog or puppy training book under your arm can make the whole process a lot smoother. Here we have our picks of five of our most brilliant puppy training and dog training books to help you out.

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1. 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog

Sarah Fisher and Marie Miller

Dog experts Sarah Fisher and Marie Miller have put together this fascinating training guide focused on having a positive approach to your dog's natural behavioural instincts. With step-by-step instructions and photographs for each training exercise, turning your new dog into a happy and well-behaved pet will be easy. Plus, there are fun training games so you can bond with your dog as well as teach them how to be the family pet of your dreams.

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2. The Perfect Puppy

Gwen Bailey

Gwen Bailey's brilliant bestseller has been updated with all the latest research into dog's behaviour. This puppy-training book teaches you how to introduce good manners and behaviour to your dog through housetraining, game-playing and socialising with plenty of step-by-step instructions covering everything you need to know. There are also tips to help you prevent your puppy from developing bad habits such as chewing and biting. With Gewn Bailey's guidance your cheeky puppy will transform into man's best friend in no time.

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3. Cesar's Rules

Cesar Millan

TV's Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, has seen his fair share of difficult dogs and now he brings all the knowledge he's gained into his brilliant dog-training book. Cesar's Rules incorporates his theories on dog training and promotes gaining a sense of balance between you and your dog. Plus, the book also features insights from experts in the field so if Cesar's theories don't quite work for you and your dog you have other options to try out. Perfect for both puppies and old dogs with bad habits.

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4. 10-Minute Dog training Games

Kyra Sundance

This fun book is ideal for busy owners who need quick and engaging ways to train your new dog. With loads of exciting exercises to try with your dog, including jumps, memory games and basic obedience, there are lots of ideas to keep you both busy. Plus, the book comes with ideas of household items you can use as props in your training to make the process more varied for both you and your dog.

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5. Total Recall

Pippa Mattinson

Whether you've just adopted a puppy or an older dog, there is one part of training that can be tricky for all owners, and that is the recall command. Pippa Mattinson knows how important (yet also how difficult training) the recall command can be and in her book she shows you all the reasons why dogs struggle with recall and why they sometimes simply refuse to come back. Packed with helpful tips and exercises to improve your dog's recall, you'll be finding this hugely important command less and less of a challenge with each of Pippa's terrific instructions.

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If you still need more ideas for ways to work with your naughty pups then take a look at our full range of puppy and dog-training books.

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    Gwen Bailey's bestselling puppy care guide has helped hundreds of thousands of owners throughout the world raise a problem-free dog. Now, updated with the latest findings in canine behaviour and a completely new user-friendly design, this revised edition will teach you how to raise a problem-free dog. From housetraining to playing games, it will show you how to teach your dog good manners and build his confidence with the world around him. There are step-by-step training and socialization plans as well as a guide to understanding and preventing biting, chewing and other problems. If you want your puppy to develop into a happy, well-behaved and friendly adult dog, you cannot afford to be without this book.
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    Owner's looking for a positive approach to dog training will value this essential guide from TV's Sarah Fisher and fellow expert Marie Miller. This effective approach works with the dog's natural behavioral instincts to create this fair and thoughtful training method that includes touch bodywork and exercises; practical step-by-step instructions, clear photographs and helpful tips demonstrate effectively how to create a happy, safe family pet. The easy-to-navigate, highly accessible structure enables dog lovers to dip into particular subjects in order to solve problems, learn fun games and improve their pet's behavior and well-being. This title's cover photo is by Beth Mallon.
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    Your dog just doesn't seem to listen. You've been through obedience training, but he still can't seem to master the most basic commands. And nothing you do seems to prevent him from misbehaving. 'Clients usually come to me when their dogs are ruining their lives, not when they won't sit,' says Cesar. 'But everywhere I go, people are telling me they are confused about the wide variety of training options and theories out there.' Now, in his usual straightforward, confident manner, Cesar takes on the topic of training for the first time, by explaining the importance of balance as the foundation for a healthy relationship between you and your dog. He calls upon some of the foremost experts in the field so that you can find the perfect approach that works for you and your dog. Filled with practical advice, anecdotes, tips, and trouble-shooting techniques from Cesar and his colleagues, this is the ultimate guide to a well-behaved and well-balanced dog - from a new puppy to an old dog who can still learn new tricks.
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    10-Minute Dog Training Games: * helps busy dog owners get the most out of their training time * utilizes scientifically proven methods and learning theory * creates a happy, confident dog who is motivated to work * channels enthusiasm and teaches self-control * uses positive, fun reward-based techniques Learn foundation skills like: * Basic obedience * Following directional signs * Jumps and balancing * Memory games * Overcoming fears and many more! The exercises use tons of varied props and creative ideas for a dynamic, engaging curriculum!
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    Many dog owners struggle to manage their dogs, and the vast majority of people who need help have one simple but overwhelming problem. Their dog won't come back when they call him. Through focusing on this single and most important of obedience commands, Pippa Mattinson shows the dog owner - whether of a puppy or an adult dog - how to build up a reliable recall successfully, layer by layer, and step by step, using effective and positive training techniques. The author offers the reader an insight into the mind of the dog and explains exactly why dogs behave in the way that they do. Training exercises are described in unique detail, and with the inclusion of a helpful problem solving section, nothing is left to chance.