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Now Our Bookshelves are Even Bigger

At Book People, we take great pride in offering products you love at prices you won't believe - and have done for over 30 years. Our hand-picked favourites have always been at the heart of our promise to our customers, but now our bookshelves are even BIGGER...

From now on when you shop for books online with Book People, you will be able to discover something new every day. We've extended our range of books to bring you an even wider selection of titles from all your favourite authors - so whatever the book, whoever the author, you're sure to find it with us at a competitive price!

And that's not... Our in-house experts have been busy curating our exciting new book bucket lists, to provide you with a comprehensive selection of different books you have to read in your lifetime. From books to make you cry to book club favourites, from page to screen, classics for children and much, much more, these are the top books we think every readers has to add to their collection.

With their influence and legacy on history and culture, these books are perfect for literature lovers and will help you bolster your bookshelf.

Love and Romance for all Tastes

From Katie Fforde to E.L. James, there is something romantic for every taste. From the best traditional romantic novels to tales of heartbreak and books for those who prefer something racier, there's a romance book for every kind of reader.

Best Books to Read in a Lifetime

These are the most important books of all time, written by authors including John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson. With so many great books you must read, our Best Books to Read in a Lifetime book bucket list features the books that have inspired, entertained and taught generations of readers. Among the fiction books are the best novels of all time.

Book Club Favourites

These are the books everyone likes to talk about. Whether it's their twists, controversies or characters, they will inspire fierce debate. With novels that inspire discussion and debate, our book bucket list of Book Club Favourites is perfect for when you want to choose the right book for your next gathering. Our recommended books are must-reads that contain something for everyone.

Books to Make You Cry

Try and hold back the tears as you read through some of the saddest stories of all time including Atonement, Room and Wuthering Heights. Tearjerkers, tragedies and hugely emotional stories feature in our book bucket list of Books to Make You Cry. Among the sad books to read are love stories and devastating tales that will bring you to tears and evoke all kinds of feelings.

Books to Make You Laugh

From laugh-out-loud funny to riotous romps, these books range from witty observations on real life from the likes of Bill Bryson to P.G. Wodehouse's farces. Quirky, funny and hilarious, the novels featured in our book bucket list for Books to Make You Laugh will delight you with their humorous plots and crazy characters. Among the laugh-out-loud comedy books are some completely madcap adventures.

Classic Love Stories

For all the romantics out there, this list features timeless tales including Romeo and Juliet, Anna Karenina and Sense and Sensibility. Our book bucket list of Classic Love Stories features the best romantic novels of all time. These romance books are full of heart-warming stories that show love conquers all. They are must-read books for anyone who loves romantic fiction.

Coming-of-age Books

The Reader, David Copperfield and The Kite Runner all focus on impending adulthood and are all featured in this compelling list. Our book bucket list of Coming-of-age Books features the best books ever written about growing up. With themes of entering adulthood and finding yourself, these are our favourite coming-of-age stories and they're widely regarded as classics.

Cosy Crime Books to Curl Up With

With quirky detectives, village mysteries and murder with manners, this hand-picked list is perfect for those who like crime with none of the gory details. The light crime stories often feature lovable characters, quirky cases and humorous situations. They're brilliant for crime fans.

From Page to Screen

You'll know how many books have been adapted into films and TV shows and here you can read them all - from compelling drama like The Night Manager to the novels that inspired award-winning films including Room. You will have seen them on the screen, now read the novels that inspired the adaptations in our book bucket list for From Page to Screen. Featuring bestselling books that have been turned into movies, this is a contemporary list for fiction readers.

Sci-fi and Fantasy Books

This out-of-this-world list will keep any sci-fi reader gripped. It includes The Handmaid's Tale. A Game of Thrones and books written by Neil Gaiman. Our book bucket list of Sci-fi and Fantasy Books showcases the top fiction books by popular fantasy authors and science fiction writers. Among the classic stories are the best sci-fi and fantasy from the world's finest fantasy and sci-fi authors.

Best Classic Books of All Time

The Great Gatsby, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Jane Eyre - the list goes on. You'll have heard of every single one of these books and may have even studied them in detail. Now's the time to pour yourself a brew and delve into one for your own reading pleasure. Our book bucket list for the Best Classic Books of All Time features the classic books that everyone should read. Featuring the greatest novels ever written, there are books from the best authors of all time and modern classics to enjoy.