Once Upon a Bedtime by Sophia Buchanan | Bedtime Story Competition 2018

Our Bedtime Story Competition 2018 has come to a close and we're so excited to share the winning stories with you. The competition saw children aged between five and 11 write a bedtime story on the theme of imagination. There were three age category winners with one of three going on to be the overall winner whose story will be published as a real picture book which will be available to purchase next year from us at Book People with proceeds going towards Save the Children UK. 10-year-old Sophia Buchanan from Oxford won the 10-11 age category and was one of the runners-up for the overall prize in this year's competition. Sophia won 250 pounds worth of books for herself and a further 250 pounds worth for her school to give her plenty of inspiration for her next story. We think Sophia's bedtime tale is brilliant and we've decided to share it with you so you can enjoy it too. 


It was 7.30pm and Martha was in bed, about to listen to one of her favourite nursery rhyme books, 'Humpty Dumpty'. But, as soon as her mum started 'Humpty Dumpty sat...' there was a 'rata tat tat' on the front door. "Who could that be?" said Martha, "let's go and see". So they went downstairs and opened the door. Who should be standing there, but Humpty Dumpty! "Am I in time for stories?" asked Humpty. "Eggsellent!" and he started up the stairs. "But you already know the ending," Martha called up after him. "We will read another story then," said Mum as they settled down again. (Humpty was already seated on a cushion at the end of the bed, cuddling Martha's small toy of himself).

This time, Martha's mum started to read the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. She began. Suddenly there was a 'rat tat tat!' at the front door. "Who could that be?" said Mum, "let's go and see." So they went downstairs and opened the door. Who should be standing there, but Goldilocks and Baby bear. "Hello," said Baby bear (looking sleepy), "are we in time for stories?" "Do you have any porridge?" asked Goldilocks hopefully. "No porridge I'm afraid," said Martha's mum. "But you can come for a bedtime story."

Martha chose another story. Mum began to read. It was the story of Thumbelina. The story was half-way through when Baby bear said "I think I can hear something." So they went downstairs and opened the door. There was no one there... "Down here," said a little voice. They looked down and saw a very tiny Thumbelina "I'm late aren't I?" She squeaked. Everyone nodded. "But you can still listen," Martha said. "But she knows the ending!" Mum said. "Then we could read another one!" Martha cried out. So Humpty reached up, then fell down with a book in his hands "Yay!" exclaimed Martha. 

It was Pinocchio, so they began to read, then there was another 'rat tat tat' at the door. "Who could that be? Let's go and see!" So they went downstairs and opened the door. Who should be standing there, but Pinocchio! "I would like to hear the story," he announced. "But you know the ending," Humpty pointed out. "No I don't!" he denied, but his nose was already twice as long. So they decided to read 'The Tiger who came to Tea'. Mum started to read, and then started to snore. "Zzzzzzzzzzzz" went mum "zzzzzzzzzzz".

Just then there was a 'rat tat tat' at the door. "It's obviously the Tiger who came to tea!" chuckled Martha. So she went downstairs and opened the door and there stood... "Daddy!" she shouted. 

"Oh Martha, what are you doing out of bed? Here I'll tuck you in". So they went upstairs, but her room was empty of the characters that came. "Mum!" Mum woke up, "where are all the characters?" "I don't know," puzzled mum replied, Dad had no idea. 

Perhaps they all went back to their books, Martha never knew, but as she looked again at the last pages of her picture book, she thought she saw Goldilocks wave, "Did you see that?", she asked. "See what?" said mum. "Oh nothing," replied Martha. She looked again, but Goldilocks was quite still and not moving. But before you go to sleep each night, you should look carefully at your picture book characters------ they might be waving at you! 



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