Our Commitment to Reducing and Eliminating Plastic Bags: Share Your Views

Here at The Book People, we know it is our responsibility to reduce and where possible, remove the amount of plastic that is used in our business. We are fully committed to doing this and have already launched initiatives to reduce our plastic waste, which you can read more about here.

We know we can do more and that is why we are asking for your opinions on a way forward today.

Removing Plastic Bags from Book Events

Book People Events are pop up shops at UK based employers and organisations, where we bring the very best books, gifts, toys and stationery directly to you. 

At these events, we sell high quality white plastic bags which although could be used multiple times, are not bags for life. In line with government regulations, we charge 5p per bag, the proceeds of which are donated to charity.

We no longer want to sell plastic bags and we want to find a solution.

There are a number of alternatives:

  1. Do not sell any type of bag
  2. Introduce reusable fabric tote bags
  3. Offer paper bags for all purchases
  4. Other (please share your ideas with us)

We want to know which option you would prefer. 

You can have your say by taking part in our Twitter Poll or Facebook Poll where we are asking our customers for opinions on what we should do next on this important issue. These polls will end on Friday 1st March, after which we will update you on the results.

Thank you for helping us. We really value your feedback as part of our aim to reduce plastic waste within the Book People business, and we hope to share more news with you soon.