Our Favourite Fictional Fairies

N.B. We thought it important to title this blog "Our Favourite Fictional Fairies" because Fairies ARE real, at least in the magical world of a child's imagination. So no, we haven't lost our minds... not just yet anyway!

We all know fiction is a magical place but it is made even more so by all the fantastical beings that inhabit it. With books filled with dragons, witches, wizards, mermaids, trolls and more, we can't help but hold a soft spot for the most magical of them all; fairies! To honour all the amazing fairies in fiction, we're doing a list of our favourites: the nice ones, the silly ones and the downright nasty ones!

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Tinker Bell

  • £3.99

From Peter Pan (Peter and Wendy) by J.M. Barrie

First introduced in J. M. Barrie's Peter and Wendy (later renamed Peter Pan), Tinker Bell is a fairy who mends pots and kettles and, though sometimes ill-behaved and vindictive, at times she is helpful and kind to Peter Pan, for whom she holds romantic feelings. Due to her size, Tinker Bell is incapable of holding more than one feeling at a time, which can make her quite a difficult personality to associate with. But in our experience, the difficult characters are the most fun to read about.


The Fairy with Turquoise Hair

  • £7.89

From The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi

It isn't only Jiminy Cricket (in the Disney film at least) who is on hand to guide Pinocchio on his misadventures; the Fairy with Turquoise Hair (also called the Blue Fairy) from Italian author Carlo Collodi's The Adventures of Pinocchio is just as helpful in pointing the puppet in the right direction to help him avoid inevitable peril. She's also kind enough to turn Pinocchio into a real boy at the end of the book - how kind of her!

The Wicked Fairy Godmother

  • £12.79

From Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault

The best-loved folk tale Sleeping Beauty, first put in writing by Charles Perrault and retold not once, but twice by Walt Disney is a classic! The Wicked Fairy Godmother - or Carabosse, or perhaps Maleficent - is a very nasty piece of work. Not best-pleased about being left off the guest list for the young princess's christening, the Wicked Fairy Godmother decides that eternal sleep for the princess is a fair retaliation - a bit over the top if you ask us! But, who knows, maybe she was just having a bad day... or a bad century (given how long she leases the poor princess under a sleeping curse for!). 

The Fairy Godmother

  • £5.89

From Cinderella by Charles Perrault

Hands up those who want a fairy godmother! Wouldn't it be amazing! Cinderella seems to do alright when her fairy godmother arrives: she gets a night out on the town, a lovely dress, glass slippers, a pumpkin carriage and gets to dance with a handsome prince. Sure, everything doesn't go according to plan in the beginning, but the story would be a bit boring if Cinderella got her happily ever after a few pages in.

Sand Fairy

  • £5.39

From Five Children and It by E. Nesbit

Alright, alright! Not a fairy per se, but still a very lovable magical creature regardless. When Robert, Anthea, Cyril, Jane and baby (poor little tyke isn't even given a name!) find the Sand Fairy, they are granted three wishes of their choosing. But, as you can imagine, the wishes don't quite go according to plan... Certainly the ugliest of our top fairies but most definitely the most entertaining of the bunch, the Sad Fairy may just be our number 1 favourite.



  • £2.29

From A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

Now, if anyone can expertly combine aristocrats, workers and fairies in Athens it's William Shakespeare and how that premise came to mind we'll never quite grasp, but A Midsummer Night's Dream is certainly one of Shakespeare's best-loved classics. Oberon is the noblest fairy we have on our list; he's the official King of the Fairies - quite the accolade! Oberon and his wife, Titania, have a few arguments which affect the weather - due to them being so powerful - which is quite cool. He's also a bit of a trickster: he makes his wife fall in love with a weaver with the unfortunate name of Bottom - this guy's outrageous!


Claudine Crane

  • £7.59

From Sookie Stackhouse Series (first appearance Dead to the World) by Charlaine Harris

Sookie's fairy godmother from the popular book series that was later turned into TV's True Blood, Claudine Crane is a little bit special, and we'll tell you why: not content with being a mere fairy, she's working her way up to becoming an angel - now that's one driven individual! Helping Sookie out through some of her scrapes, Claudine is a kind and caring character: a classic fairy, but with a bit more "bite"! 

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