Our Huw-ro Runs 4 Marathons in 4 Days for Save the Children

Our very own Huw Williams, a Book Fair sales representative for The Book People, completed 4 marathons in 4 days in May 2019. He ran from our office in Haydock to our office and warehouse in Bangor, to raise money for our partner charity Save the Children. 

Huw Header

Huw set off on Tuesday 28th May, dressed as Forrest Gump (of course) in his Nike Classic Cortez trainers, red shorts and the famous red cap, to run over 100 miles from Liverpool to Wales. He travelled across Warrington, stopping in Chester on the first night, then onto Wales for the second and through Colywan Bay before finishing in Bangor on Friday 31st May to a wonderful welcoming committee. 


Take a look at his complete plotted journey to see exactly how much land Hugh covered. 

Huw started each day at around 4am and ran until he reached his hotel for the night. His first day ended after a staggering nine hours of running! Thankfully, as he made it into Wales, he was joined by many friends including Ben Sheppard and Gwyn and Wendy from @sportpicturesCymru who took these amazing pictures. 

Huw Friend
Huw Williams 4 Marathons in 4 Days

Make sure to check out Huw on Facebook and Instagram to see more of his running adventures. So far Huw has raised over 1,200 pounds, smashing his goal of 500 pounds! And, there's still time to donate if you can! Plus, you can take a look at all our other fundraising efforts on our own Just Giving page. 

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What an amazing achievement. Our Huw-ro!