10 Page-turning New Thriller Books You Won't Want to Put Down

17th August, 2017

These gritty, gripping and engrossing novels are guaranteed to keep you glued to every spine-chilling chapter. Featuring intense plots, sinister characters and compelling crimes to unravel, you won't want to put down these page-turning new thriller books...

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1. Into the Water

  • £16.00

Paula Hawkins

This absorbing psychological thriller will captivate readers from first page to last. In the final days before her death, Nel called her sister. Jules didn't pick up, ignoring her sister's plea for help. Now, Nel is dead. They say she jumped. And Jules has been dragged back to the place she'd hoped to escape for good, to care for the teenage girl her sister left behind. But Jules is afraid of long-buried memories, of the old Mill House, of knowing that Nel would never have jumped. Most of all, she's afraid of the water - and the place they call the Drowning Pool...


2. The Birdwatcher

  • £4.99

William Shaw

In this dark novel, Police Sergeant William South is desperate to avoid being part of murder investigations - because he is a murderer himself. His victim was a passionate birdwatcher and his only friend. Now, he's teamed up with newly-recruited Detective Sergeant Alexandra Cupidi to crack the case of a body found violently beaten inside a wooden chest. Memories come flooding back for South, and when they track down a suspect - Donnie Fraser, a drifter from Northern Ireland - South is horrified to realise they knew each other in their youth. Could South's violent and aggressive past be exposed? This compelling book touches on themes of grief, guilt and humanity. 

3. Black Widow

  • £8.89

Chris Brookmyre

This enthralling psychological thriller is riddled with shocking twists and turns that will keep readers hooked. Diana Jager is clever, strong and successful, a skilled surgeon and fierce campaigner via her blog about sexism. But when her personal details are released on the internet as revenge for her writing, her life falls apart. Then, she meets Peter: kind, generous, and oblivious to her past, he is perfect. They are married within six months - but within six more, Peter is dead in a road accident. But Peter's sister Lucy doesn't believe in fairy tales, and tasks maverick reporter Jack Parlabane with discovering the dark truth behind the woman the media call Black Widow...


4. A Voice in the Night

Andrea Camilleri

As his birthday looms, Inspector Montalbano is starting to feel his age. He decides to cheer himself up by dealing with a young driver's road rage in his own unique way. But just as he's getting into the case, he receives an angry call from a supermarket boss. There's been a robbery at his store - and Montalbano's colleague is treating him as a suspect. On arrival at the scene, Montalbano agrees that this was no ordinary break-in. As he tries to investigate, he finds the supermarket's links to the Mafia creates problems at every turn. To make things even more difficult, the young driver he was looking into has also reported a shocking crime. Crack the case with Inspector Montalbano in an exhilarating novel that's guaranteed to keep you guessing.


5. The Blood Card

  • £4.99

Elly Griffiths

As Elizabeth II's coronation approaches, wartime commander Colonel Cartwright is murdered. A playbill featuring another deceased comrade is found in Colonel Cartwright's possession, as well as a playing card, the ace of hearts: the blood card. DI Edgar Stephens and magician Max Mephisto resolve to crack the case, but Edgar's investigation into a fortune-teller's death must be put on hold, and Max is busy rehearsing for his television debut. Could a small-town mesmerist in New York provide the key to the entire situation? Sergeant Emma Holmes is also on the case and finds a clue buried in the files of the Zabini case. She discovers there's a group hell-bent on providing an explosive finale to Coronation Day. But can the plot be foiled in time?


6. Cast Iron

  • £5.99

Peter May

Delve into the final white-knuckle novel in Peter May's bestselling Enzo Macleod series. In 1989, a killer dumped the body of a 23-year-old woman called Lucie Martin into a lake in France. 14 years later, her remains were exposed by a drought. No-one was caught or convicted for her murder - but now Enzo is on the case... Already the toughest challenge he's ever confronted, Enzo finds a flaw in the original evidence that revives old ghosts and will endanger everyone he holds dear. This white-knuckle novel is simply unputdownable.


7. The Day I Died

  • £8.09

Lori Rader-Day

This riveting read follows a mother's desperate search for a lost boy. Anna Winger can know people better than they know themselves just by looking at their handwriting. Hired by companies wanting to land trustworthy employees and by the lovelorn looking for happiness, Anna likes to keep other people's issues at arm's length, on paper. But when she is asked to examine a note left behind at a murder scene, the crime rips open Anna's cloistered life for all to see. To save her son - and herself - she will need to face her every fear and the past she thought she'd rewritten...

8. Herring in the Smoke

Herring in the Smoke - Hardback - 9780749021863 - L.C. Tyler
  • £3.99

L. C. Tyler

20 years ago, Roger Norton Vane went for a walk in the Thai jungle - and never returned. After years of wild speculation, he has officially been declared dead. But at his memorial service, a man interrupts proceedings, claiming to be Roger. Roger's partner, Tim MacDonald, was due to pick up his inheritance, but now, 'Roger' wastes no time making himself at home in his old flat, evicting Tim and conjuring up a plan to prove his right to the money at stake. Crime writer Ethelred Tressider has been commissioned to write a biography about Roger, and finds the person claiming to be him full of vague and scurrilous anecdotes. It seems that many people would rather Roger had remained dead, his tales buried with him, but as it is, it's up to Ethelred to get to the bottom of it...


9. Behind Her Eyes

  • £10.89

Sarah Pinborough

Since her husband walked out, Louise has made her son her entire world, supporting them both with a part-time job. But all of that changes when she meets David Young: successful, charming, a man Louise can't believe would even look at her twice, let alone be attracted to her. But then Louise meets David's beautiful and sweet wife, Adele. As she becomes obsessed with this flawless couple, she becomes entangled in the intricate web of their marriage, and they each, in turn, reach out to her. But only when she truly gets to know them does she uncover the cracks in their relationship. Is David really the man she thought she knew, and is Adele as vulnerable as she appears? Just what terrible secrets are they both hiding - and how far will they go to keep them?


10. The Steel Kiss

The Steel Kiss - Hardback - 9781473618497 - Jeffery Deaver
  • £4.49

Jeffrey Deaver

Join the brilliant paraplegic forensic detective, Lincoln Rhyme, in this dark and riveting read. When an escalator gives way mid-chase, Amelia Sachs is forced to let a killer escape as she helps the man trapped in the depths. She teams up with Rhyme to investigate if the collapse was a freak accident or a calculated plan. Could they be on the trail of a technical whiz who knew exactly what to do to cause this fatal incident? This spine-chilling thriller is sure to keep you guessing.


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