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Reference Books You Need (Even with the Internet!)

With the rise of the internet, reference books, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and map books, have all become a bit forgotten. Seemingly gone are the days of rifling through your handy thesaurus to find a better word for school essays. Now, if anyone needs to extend their vocabulary they just type the request into their preferred search engine to get an instant answer. But, like all things retro, we think it's about time reference books made a dynamic comeback!

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In the Days Before the Internet...

Reference books were around way before the internet. Whenever you needed to swot up on a topic you could pull out your trusty encyclopedia and in a few pages become an expert in that subject. Isn't that so much better than getting overwhelmed by the amount of search results that come up when you search for... well, just about anything. Plus, aren't you tired of playing detective and getting suspicious of everything you read because nearly every internet source has a reputation for being unreliable? You never had that worry with an encyclopedia! Just as the original movie is always better than the remake, our reference books are so much better than the websites and technology that have tried to steal their thunder over the last few years.

So, if any of the following phrases fill you with dread: 'power cut'... 'low battery'... 'no free Wi-Fi'... then maybe you need to remind yourself of the time before the internet and the rise of technology. You could self-diagnose with a medical encyclopedia and still have the same experience of convincing yourself you're dying only to wake up the next day completely fine before the internet made it possible!

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Don't Wait For Technology to Let You Down

Back in the good old days no one had to pretend they'd get 1st place in a spelling bee, we all would carry our dictionaries with pride. And, instead of having the mission of figuring out how to use your smartphone's internet abroad, people used to pack a language book as their way of communicating in other countries. Let's face it, online translators are not always the most trustworthy sources, at least with a language book you can rely on it teaching you how to construct a grammatically correct sentence - it might take a little while but it'll be worth it and I'm sure that Spanish shopkeeper will really appreciate the time you spent finding out how to ask for an ice cream in the correct tense!

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Retro and Reliable... We're Bringing Reference Books Back

Speaking of holidays, whatever happened to opening an atlas at a random page and deciding to go to whichever place you landed on (unless, of course, you end up on a page in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean)? And, while we're on the topic of maps, don't let a Sat Nav get you down - carry a road map in your car, they're cheap and reliable and won't leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery.

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Prepare for the comeback of the century - some people collect vinyls, some collect vintage fashion pieces, but it's time for a whole new trend. Start living the real retro lifestyle with your collection of brilliant reference books. And, if anyone judges you for being a reference book enthusiast you can tell those netizens to absquatulate and when they ask you what those words mean you can look down at them over your glasses and tell them that what they need is a dictionary.

Check out some of best reference books to get your collection started:

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Collins Home Reference Collection - 7 Books

BMA A-Z Family Medical Encyclopedia

The Times Concise Atlas of the World

AA Road Atlas of Britain 2018

Collins Easy Learning German Dictionary

Collins Easy Learning Spanish Dictionary

Collins Gem French Phrasebook and Dictionary