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Romance Books You Won't Be Able to Put Down

Immerse yourself in these sumptuous romance novels, which are bursting with passion, poignancy, warmth, wit, happiness and heartbreak, guaranteed to grip you from first page to last. Whether you're looking for fiery sagas of lust and longing or touching tales of love and loss, check out this list of the best romance books you won't be able to put down.

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  • £4.99
  • RRP £12.99
  • Save £8.00

Matt Haig

This compelling new novel focuses on love, loss and living in the moment. Tom Hazard has a secret: he's older than you'd think. Due to a rare condition, he's been alive for centuries, from the perils of Elizabethan England to the glamour of the Jazz Age in Paris. Tired of constantly changing his identity, he finds the perfect guise as a history teacher at a London comprehensive. Here, he can give students a unique insight into the wars and witch-hunts he has witnessed himself. Throughout these turbulent centuries, he has vowed never to fall in love - but for how long can he keep this up? This bittersweet read is sure to keep readers captivated.


2. The Santangelos

  • £4.99
  • RRP £20.00
  • Save £15.01

Jackie Collins

Full of spark and sensuality, the late Jackie Collins's final book brilliantly showcases her incredible talent, and is unremittingly addictive. It features a vengeful enemy, a drug-addled Colombian club owner, and a passionate Italian family. Poor Lucky Santangelo is certainly kept busy trying to manage it all. But there are pressing problems in Lucky's own family, as her son Bobby is framed for a murder he didn't commit. Lucky and her husband must try to ensure that the Santangelos once again come out on top...


3. The Fault in Our Stars

  • £3.99
  • RRP £7.99
  • Save £4.00

John Green

Full of poignant observations about life, death, illness and love, this book follows Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, two young cancer sufferers who meet at a cancer support group. The two develop a friendship that 'slowly, and then all at once' becomes love, peaking with an eventful trip to Amsterdam together. Both heart-breaking and humorous, this beautiful tale will make you laugh, cry, reflect and ruminate.


4. The Notebook

  • £8.39
  • RRP £8.99
  • Save £0.60

Nicholas Sparks

This sumptuous book is uplifting and heart-breaking in equal measure. It follows Noah Calhoun, a man haunted by memories of the beautiful girl he met fourteen years earlier, Allie, whom he loved beyond compare. To his shock and amazement, Allie shows up in his town to see him, and this is when their story truly begins. Theirs is a tumultuous, fiery and passionate relationship, but one that ends with profound heartache. This stunning story will stay with you long after the last page is turned.


5. Sense and Sensibility

  • £5.89
  • RRP £5.99
  • Save £0.10

Jane Austen

Filled with romance, anguish and a sisterly bond, young Marianne and Elinor Dashwood must learn to mix sense with sensibility when it comes to finding personal happiness in a society where status and money govern the rules of love. This wonderful novel will appeal to anyone who loves classic literature and romance.


6. Me Before You

  • £7.19
  • RRP £8.99
  • Save £1.80

Jojo Moyes

Lou Clark leads a modest but comfortable life, working at the delightful Buttered Bun teashop, trying to find time to see her fitness-mad boyfriend, Patrick. But everything changes when the teashop closes down. Lou finds a new job supporting a quadriplegic man named Will, whom she initially finds utterly infuriating, his moods erratic, his comments cutting. But then she learns his shocking secret - and it seems it's up to her to save his life... This touching page-turner is amusing, striking, poignant and guaranteed to engross its readers.


7. If You Go Away

  • £3.99
  • RRP £16.99
  • Save £13.00

Adele Parks

In this heartrending novel, set around the outbreak of World War I, young debutante Vivian has been rushed into a pedestrian marriage to cover up a scandal. When her husband enlists on their wedding day, she must take up the management and running of his estate - despite her lack of experience. Meanwhile, young playwright Howard has been hurried to the front to see the horrors of war for himself. When conscription becomes law in 1916, he refuses to join the ranks, and becomes a notorious conscientious objector. He narrowly avoids a death sentence and ultimately agrees to work on Vivian's farm - and it's not long before the two form a bond... Romance fans cannot miss this enthralling historical novel.


8. Before You Go

  • £4.99
  • RRP £12.99
  • Save £8.00

Clare Swatman

After years of fumbling their way into adulthood together, working in dead-end jobs and enduring chaotic house-shares, Zoe's husband Ed suddenly dies, killed in a tragic road accident. She has no idea where to turn. Her only choice is to survive, but she isn't ready to let go of the memories. As she reminisces on their happy times, she decides she has to tell Ed everything she never got to say to him before - but also wonders if there's any way she can get him back... Tear-jerking and poignant, this beautiful novel will absorb you more with every page. 

9. Great Expectations

  • £2.29
  • RRP £2.50
  • Save £0.21

Charles Dickens

Join young orphan Pip on all his adventures in this timeless classic. Pip couldn't imagine how a terrifying encounter with a convict would later transform his life. But he's even more troubled by his visits to the strange old Miss Havisham, whose house full of memories disturbs him, and the beautiful Estella, who makes him feel ashamed of his country manners and coarse hands. Surely a young blacksmith's apprentice could never dream of winning Estella - but Pip's future may not turn out quite as he expected...


10. Noughts and Crosses

  • £3.99
  • RRP £7.99
  • Save £4.00

Malorie Blackman

This moving and powerful novel subverts social history to compelling effect. Callum is white, and a lowly Nought; Sephy is black, a privileged Cross and the daughter of a powerful politician. Despite their segregated society, they maintain a close friendship throughout their childhood, which inevitably blossoms into something more. But can their love endure hardship, heartbreak, loss and division? This story is filled with shocking twists and turns and riddled with gripping subplots.


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