Top 7 Best Books for New Siblings

Children can go through all sorts of emotions when a new baby arrives. They may be delighted to have a new sibling, but worried that everyone will forget about them! These books gently show little ones what to expect when a new sibling arrives, and remind them that despite a new arrival, they'll always be deeply loved.

Top 7 Best Books for New Siblings

1. The New Baby Sticker Book

  • £4.89

Anne Civardi | Toddlers

Perfect for toddlers, this sticker book will help children understand what it will be like to have a new sibling in the family in an exciting, engrossing way - with stickers! Kids will love personalising their book with over 50 fun stickers, and will be more open to discussing the idea of a new baby.


2. Topsy and Tim: The New Baby

  • £2.99

Jean Adamson | 3+

Featuring the much-loved fun-loving twins Topsy and Tim, this book is all about the emotions a child might feel when a new baby arrives. Topsy and Tim's friend Tony feels rather jealous when his mum holds baby Jack, but he soon realises that there are many advantages to being a big brother - and his mum has ingenious ways of involving him!

3. There's a House Inside My Mummy

  • £6.29

Giles Andreae & Vanessa Cabban | 5+

From the bestselling author of Giraffes Can't Dance comes this vibrant picture book, which explains to little ones exactly what's going on inside Mummy's tummy when a new baby is on the way. This tender, heart-warming and gently humorous story is perfect for expectant siblings.


4. Usborne First Experiences: The New Baby

  • £4.49

Usborne & Anna Civardi

This light-hearted and inviting book, featuring delightful illustrations by Stephen Cartwright, shows little ones what to expect when a new baby arrives in an amusing and engaging way. It provides plenty of gorgeous pictures to look at and discussion topics to talk about.


5. The New Royal Baby

  • £6.89

Timothy Knapman | 3+

The Prince is not happy. Everyone used to clap and cheer when he had his first bath or got his firth tooth, but now they're only interested in the new royal baby - even though all it does is cry! However, it's up to him to find out what the royal fuss is about and make his new sibling smile. This gorgeously-illustrated and heart-warming title is great for showing little ones how they can get involved in looking after a new sibling.


6. Sophie and the New Baby

  • £6.89

Catherine & Laurence Anholt | 5+

This book tackles the topic of a new baby with sensitivity and gentle humour. Sophie is thrilled about the idea of a new baby brother or sister, but once the baby actually arrives, she's not so sure! A beautiful story complemented by delicate illustrations, this book is perfect to share with little ones about to welcome a new baby into the family.


7. Oxford Reading Tree with Biff, Chip and Kipper: First Experiences: A New Baby!

  • £4.89

Rod Hunt | 5+

In this engaging book, a new baby arrives early, and Sam and his little brother Leo stay with Kipper and get ready to welcome the new arrival. This fun and sensitively-written story is great for reading together, and will familiarise your child with what to expect when a new baby arrives. It features much-loved characters your child will adore, and includes practical tips and ideas.