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Spooky Stories and Halloween Books for Kids

Whatever their age, kids love to be scared and there are many frights to be had with one of our spooky stories for kids - perfect for Halloween. From monsters to ghosts to witches, and from the frighteningly funny to the truly bone-chilling, we have it all in our picks of the best spooky stories and Halloween books for kids, so check out the list below if you dare...

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For 3 years +

1. Four Silly Skeletons

  • £6.89
  • RRP £6.99
  • Save £0.10

Mark Sperring and Sue Hendra

This fun, rhyming, spooky story is ideal to read with your toddlers at bedtime. As the Four Silly Skeletons rise at night to dance, their Auntie June comes to save them when they end up in a muddle. Mark Sperring's story and Sue Hendra's illustrations together make for a scary, funny story for you and your kids to enjoy.


2. Room on the Broom

  • £3.99
  • RRP £12.99
  • Save £9.00

Julia Donaldson

This ever-popular picture book, with enthralling illustrations by Axel Scheffler, sees a witch happily fly across the land with her cat until a strong wind blows her hat, bow and wand away. As each item is found by a dog, a bird, and a frog they all ask her for a ride on her broom until the broom snaps! And, with a dragon on the loose, what will happen to the witch and her friends?


For 5 years +

3. The Worst Witch

  • £2.99
  • RRP £5.99
  • Save £3.00

Jill Murphy

See Mildred Hubble, the clumsiest student at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches, learn spells and broomstick-riding with hilarious results. As Mildred tries to make her way through her first year at the Academy, things don't go to plan as she makes an enemy out of Ethel, the teacher's pet, after turning her into a pig!

Check out all of Mildred's magical adventures in our The Worst Witch collection

For 7 years +

4. Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse

  • £6.99
  • RRP £10.99
  • Save £4.00

Chris Riddell

Ada Goth lives in Ghastly-Gorm Hall with her father, Lord Goth, who forces Ada to wear clumpy shoes so that she may be heard but not seen. When William and Emily Cabbage and Ishmael, a ghostly mouse, arrive at the Hall, Ada realises she has the chance to make some friends. But, things aren't going to go smoothly as Ada uncovers the gamekeeper has an evil plan... 

For 8 years +

5. The Demon Headmaster

  • £6.29
  • RRP £6.99
  • Save £0.70

Gillian Cross

Dinah's facing some big changes in her life with a new foster family, complete with two new foster brothers, Lloyd and Harvey, and starting a new school. But her school is strange, everyone acts like well-behaved robots, and soon enough Dinah finds herself losing control of her own behaviour. She is starting to fall under the power of the Demon Headmaster who plots to take over the world. Can Dinah, Lloyd and Harvey stop him? Find out in this classic children's story that has been spooking children for over thirty years!

Check out the whole The Demon Headmaster Collection for more spooky adventures. 

6. Goosebumps: The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight

  • £4.89
  • RRP £5.99
  • Save £1.10

R.L. Stine

R.L. Stine's brilliantly bone-chilling children's series, Goosebumps, has many great spooky books to choose from and The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight is a great place to start. Jodie spends her summer at her grandparents' farm, where the only exciting things are found in her Grandpa's spooky stories, until one night the scarecrows in the field start moving...

7. The Gateway Collection

Cerberus Jones 

  • £6.99
  • RRP £34.95
  • Save £27.96

Amelia's parents have just reopened an old hotel but the guests that are quite literally out of this world. As being stop for a rest at the hotel so Amelia and her friend Charlie have some crazy adventures with this running from some serious alien monsters! Spooky and exciting, these books are perfect for sci-fi fans. 

For 9 years +

8. The Wizards of Once

  • £6.39
  • RRP £7.99
  • Save £1.60

Cressida Cowell

This brand new magical story by How to Train Your Dragon author, Cressida Cowell, is the perfect book to dive into this Halloween. In a time gone by, Wizards and Warriors are sworn enemies. Xar, a young wizard with no magical power, and Wish, a warrior girl with a secret magical object team up together, despite their differences, to travel to the dungeons at Warrior Fort. But, serious danger lies ahead and Xar and Wish must be willing to put their trust in one another to survive.

For 11 years +

9. The Graveyard Book

  • £6.39
  • RRP £7.99
  • Save £1.60

Neil Gaiman

This Carnegie Medal winner novel by Neil Gaiman tells the story of Nobody Owens, known by his friends as Bod, who, after his entire family are killed, is raised by ghosts in a graveyard. Bod finds safety with the dead as the man who killed his family is searching for him in the land of the living, but how long can he stay alive?

10. Skulduggery Pleasant

  • £14.99
  • RRP £58.91
  • Save £43.92

Derek Landy

This is the first in Derek Landy's incredibly popular children's series. When Stephanie Valkyrie's uncle, a horror fiction writer, dies and leaves her his estate, Stephanie makes the shocking realisation that her uncle's dark and evil characters have come to life! Teaming up with the hilarious skeleton detective, Skulduggery Pleasant, Stephanie and Skulduggery's spooky adventure is a fantastic page-turning read.

To read the whole series, check out our Skulduggery Pleasant Collection.

11. Cirque du Freak

  • £4.49
  • RRP £6.99
  • Save £2.50

Darren Shan

This is the first in the Saga of Darren Shan books and is the perfect spooky read for older children. After Darren and his friend, Steve, decide to visit a freakshow, he can't stop thinking about Madam Octa, a giant tarantula he saw in the show. As Darren plans to steal Madam Octa and Steve starts acting strangely, the boys become absorbed into the creepy world of the Cirque du Freak... 

These are just some of the spooky reads your kids might enjoy, whatever their age or interests, we have loads more scary books in our Thrillers, Mysteries & Ghost Stories category or dive into our ghoulish range of Halloween books.