The Best Books for Father's Day

With Father's Day just around the corner, it's time to start picking out some great gifts for him to unwrap on the big day that shows just how much you appreciate him. In this list we've rounded up a few of our top picks for books to give your dad this Father's Day. Whether he's a big reader or not, we're sure there's something here that will suit his interests and make your dad feel very special on the day.'s-day-header.jpg

1. Churchill

  • £7.99

Christopher Catherwood

Amateur historians will love reading all about one of Britain's most famous prime ministers. In this biography, Dr Christopher Catherwood uses archived photographs, interviews and speech notes to bring both the private and public lives of Winston Churchill to light. This eye-opening book shows him at his lowest points as well as his highest and most powerful, giving readers a well-rounded representation of this amazing leader. 

2. AA 50 Walks in... Walking Guides 

AA 50 Walks in Dorset - Paperback - 9780749574000 - AA Publishing
  • £2.99

These walking guides are perfect for any keen rambler. The books are sold individually so if you know your dad's planning a trip you can grab him the walking guide for wherever he'd heading to. The range of guides include, Dorset, The Peak District, The Cotswolds, Brecon Beacons & South Wales, West Yorkshire, Devon, Cornwall, Snowdonia & South Wales, The Lake District and Sussex & South Downs. 

3. Hidden Histories: A Spotter's Guide to the British Landscape

  • £5.99

Mary-Ann Ochota

Filled with photographs and diagrams to teach you all about how the British landscape was formed, both by natural occurrences and human activities. Any fans of geography and natural history are sure to find this book truly fascinating. 

4. Bloody January 

  • £4.99

Alan Parks

This shockingly violent but extremely addictive thriller is the fast-paced read every fiction fan needs in their lives. It's 1973 and a teenager has just shot a woman dead on a street in Glasgow before turning the gun on himself. Harry McCoy is determined to find out why. But, his investigation is not going to be easy as he about to head into a dark pit of secret societies and conspiracies. 

5. A Bientot

  • £3.99

Roger Moore

This eye-opening autobiography sees Roger Moore tell his amazing life story in his own words. This late Hollywood hero handed this autobiography into his publisher not long before he died and in the book he discusses everything, from his childhood to his family life, career and feeling lost in the changing times. This really is the perfect gift for any James Bond fan. 

6. The Hairy Bikers' Mediterranean Adventure

  • £7.99

Hairy Bikers

This TV tie-in cookbook is a brilliant gift for any dads who loved the show and can't get enough of the Hairy Bikers' delicious recipes. In this book, they share some of their tastiest Mediterranean-inspired meals. With 150 dishes to try, including Corsican Lamb and Blood Orange Sorbet, any foodie would jump at the chance to test out these recipes. 

7. The People's Gardener

  • £4.99

Jim Buttress

If your dad is a natural gardener, he might enjoy reading up on the amazing life of Jim Buttress, "The People's Gardener". In this funny memoir, your dad can find out how Jim started out as a practical gardener before working his way up to being top of his field and landing a job as Superintendent of the Central Royal Parks, during which time he had many hilarious encounters. 

8. The Sixteen Trees of the Somme

  • £4.99

Lars Mytting

Non-fiction author Lars Mytting has turned to fiction for this fascinating book about family history and what really unites us. Edvard knows nothing of his long-dead parents but he's determined to find out what happened and why these secrets have been kept from all his life. But, as he delves deeper into his family history, his world may just be about to unravel at the seams...

9. The Big Book of the World Cup 2018

  • £1.99

With the World Cup starting just before Father's Day, why not treat any footie-mad dad to this book of facts and trivia on all the players involved and profiles on all the competing countries. Plus, there's a handy TV guide to let you know when each match is happening and what channel you can watch it on. 

10. The Universe in Your Hand 

  • £5.99

Christophe Galfard

Science fan dads will love learning the secrets of the universe in this interesting physics book. From quantum mechanics to parallel universes and general relativity, this book explains astrophysics in simple and easily digestible language to help even those with the most basic understanding of astrophysics learn all about this fascinating topic.  

If you can't find anything you think he'll love, take a look through the rest of our website to find some more brilliant options, including captivating fiction, fascinating science and history books and more. And, if you can't find a book he'd like, we do have a great range of gifts on our site too so you might just find the ideal thing for him there.