The Best Gifts For Book Lovers

We bookish folks like to think we aren't hard to buy for when it comes to Christmas and birthdays but, deep down, we know we all are. There are certain authors we like, certain genres we avoid, some books we secretly love, some we vehemently hate. But, we do appreciate it when a friend or family member, whether a reader themselves or not, try to incorporate our love of books into their gifts, so, to make your lives a little easier here are some brilliant gift ideas for book lovers that are sure to please every time.

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1. Artic Storyworld Journals: Set of 2

These beautiful notebooks feature an Artic theme with one decorated with a whole host of cold-weather creatures, including snow leopards, penguins, and a polar bear, and the other has a stunning single dolphin on the cover. These textured notebooks are perfect for all your writing needs, whether that be writing an exciting story or a simple shopping list. But, if an Artic theme doesn't quite grab you then check out our Jungle, Safari and Ocean notebook designs.

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2. Reading Glasses: Jane Eyre (+2.0)

These handy reading glasses with a strength of +2.0 are presented in a gorgeous keepsake box featuring the quote, 'Flirting is a woman's trade, one must keep in practice', from Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. The frames have a tortoise shell pattern and come with a fabric pouch and cleaning cloth. Perfect to keep your book lover friends reading on happily but if they aren't Bronte fans then this fun, practical gift comes in a few varieties so take a look at the The Great Gatbsy, David Copperfield and Great Expectations glasses sets too.

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3. A Book on One Page... Shakespeare

Know any Shakespeare fanatics? This set of four posters featuring abridged versions of Shakespeare's most popular tragedies; Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar look stunning when on display. These posters would make great gifts for the thespians and theatre fans in your life.

Plus, if you like the idea but your book-loving friend isn't a Shakespeare fan then we also have Princess (featuring Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Little Snow White, The Frog Prince and Cinderella) and Adventure (featuring Around the World in Eighty Days, The Lost World, Peter Pan and The Jungle Book) poster sets as well.

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4. Ladybird Classic Bedtime Stories Box Set: Fairy Tales

Ladybird books have been entertaining kids and grown-ups alike for decades and this box set would make for the perfect gift for a family of book fans. The set includes classic hardback editions of Jack and the Beanstalk, The Gingerbread Man and The Elves and the Shoemaker as well as a mug and coaster featuring artwork from these stories and a door sign featuring the words, 'Do Not Disturb: Classic Bedtime Stories in Progress'. This wonderful gift is perfect for fairytale fans young and old.

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5. Book Life: A Book Lover's Journal

William McKay

Keeping track of the books you've read and your mental list of the books you still want to read can sometimes feel impossible but William McKay's brilliant journal for book lovers is here to help. With a Book Log and Wish List to help you document your reading endeavours and ideas for literary pilgrimages and places all book lovers need to visit, this is the perfect book for readers to keep in their bags.

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6. A Christmas Carol: A Colouring Classic

Charles Dickens

Let the book lovers in your life relive this Charles Dickens classic in their own style with this A Christmas Carol colouring book. Filled with festive patterns and fantastic quotes from the book, this is the perfect gift for fans of Dickens, Christmas and history with plenty of illustrations of Victorian London for them to colour in.

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7. Postcards from Penguin


Allen Lane, the founder of Penguin books, wanted his paperbacks to always look distinctive and so they were originally published with the classic white and orange cover design, over time the covers have had many fascinating and gorgeous looks. Penguin has compiled some of their best and most famous covers for this brilliant collection of 100 postcards, great as gifts for readers everywhere.

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8. Literary Yarns

Cindy Wang

If you know a book lover who also loves to crochet, or who would like to try a new hobby, then Cindy Wang's Literary Yarns is a great gift option. In this unusual book, Cindy teaches you how to crochet all the best-known and loved literary characters! With 18 designs taken from novels, plays and poems and characters including Sherlock Holmes, Elizabeth Bennet and the White Rabbit, this book gives your book fan friends and family members loads of ideas to try.

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9. The Writer's Toolbox

Jamie Cat Callan

Maybe the readers you know would also make fantastic writers. Jamie Cat Callan has been a creative writing teacher for a long time and this fun kit features a 64 page booklet filled with exercises and instructions about writing, 60 exercise sticks and cards to inspire ideas and four spinners with interesting ideas for plot twists. This toolbox has everything your friends need to create their own stories and would make a fantastic gift for anyone with an interest in reading and writing.

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Whatever type of book fan your friends and family are, we have something for everyone in our range of gifts for book lovers.

    • £14.89
    • RRP £14.99
    This is a collection of 100 postcards, each featuring a different and iconic Penguin book jacket. From classics to crime, here are over seventy years of quintessentially British design in one box. In 1935 Allen Lane stood on a platform at Exeter railway station, looking for a good book for the journey to London. His disappointment at the poor range of paperbacks on offer led him to found Penguin Books. The quality paperback had arrived. Declaring that 'good design is no more expensive than bad', Lane was adamant that his Penguin paperbacks should cost no more than a packet of cigarettes, but that they should always look distinctive. Ever since then, from their original - now world-famous - look featuring three bold horizontal stripes, through many different stylish, inventive and iconic cover designs, Penguin's paperback jackets have been a constantly evolving part of Britain's culture. And whether they're for classics, crime, reference or prize-winning novels, they still follow Allen Lane's original design mantra. Sometimes, you definitely should judge a book by its cover.
    • £16.89
    • RRP £16.99
    Designed by a longtime creative writing teacher, this innovative kit includes a 64 page booklet with exercises and instructions that focus on a 'right brain' approach to writing. Sixty exercise sticks will get stories off the ground, 60 cards fuel creative descriptions and four spinner palettes will ignite unexpected plot twists. For an aspiring writer this kit is the perfect first step on the path to literary greatness!
    • £7.19
    • RRP £8.99
    • Save £1.80Save 20.00%
    Keep a record of your favorite books, and so much more! Book Life: A Book Lover's Journal is filled with places for you to record everything about the books you read to help you remember about them for years to come. The compact size is perfect for tucking into a bag or purse and taking along wherever your literary journey leads. Document your reading experiences using the blank templates in the Book Log section and create a wish list of books you'd like to read. You'll even find pages featuring places for booklovers to visit, including literary pilgrimages and iconic bookstores. Jot down passages that inspired you on the quotes page and keep track of the books you borrow and loan out. Book lists containing prize winning books and authors will help you discover new reading materials to put on your wish list. This journal is the perfect tool to keep your thoughts and titles organized and is a great keepsake to share with friends.
  • ST2694
    • £9.99
    • RRP £19.99
    • Save £10.00Save 50.00%
    Whether you're thinking of jotting down your masterpiece or need to write down addresses and reminders, this beautiful set of textured notebooks is perfect for use at work or at home.

    Presented with a cool arctic theme, you'll find penguins, snow leopards and a polar bear on the front cover of one notebook, while the other has a single dolphin taking pride of place.

    With lined pages throughout both books and an elastic strap to secure them safely, these notebooks are perfect for writing lists, poems and quotes and taking notes.
    Size of each notebook 250 x 175mm, 176 pages of lined paper
  • ST2688
    • £5.99
    • RRP £19.99
    • Save £14.00Save 70.00%
    With a strength of +2.0, these reading glasses are stylish, practical and ideal for anyone who loves Jane Eyre...

    Presented in a keepsake red box that has a famous quote from Charlotte Bronte's classic novel ('Flirting is a woman's trade, one must keep in practice') emblazoned over it, this makes a lovely gift for any bookworm.

    The glasses have a tortoise-shell style and flexible handles and also come with a fabric pouch to keep them in and a small cloth to ensure they stay clean from smears.

    Box dimensions: 177 x 85mm
  • CT0718
    • £9.99
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £10.01Save 50.0000000000000028421709430404007434844970703125%
    This beautiful box set contains classic hardback Ladybird editions of Jack and the Beanstalk, The Gingerbread Boy and The Elves and the Shoemaker.

    There's also a ceramic mug with artwork from these famous stories, a gorgeous coaster and a bedroom door sign with the iconic Ladybird logo and the important message: 'Do Not Disturb: Classic Bedtime Stories in Progress'.

    Box dimensions: 255 x 270mm. Book dimensions: Each book 180 x 120mm, HB, no. of pages vary
  • HW3133
    • £4.99
    • RRP £19.99
    • Save £15.00Save 75.00%
    Celebrate the Bard's best work with this set of four beautiful prints.

    Containing four prints that each contain abridged versions of some of the most popular Shakespeare plays, this is an amazing set of art to be - or not to be - displayed on any literature lover's wall.

    Stories featured on these posters:
    Romeo and Juliet
    Julius Caesar

    Tube size 320 x 90mm
    Each print size 420 x 295mm
  • AVHPN 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £9.09
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £0.90Save 9.00%
    Be transported to the streets of Victorian London on Christmas Eve, where you'll encounter the formidable Ebenezer Scrooge and a host of ghosts and ghouls. Choose your favourite pens or pencils and add colour - and Christmas spirit - to the abundance of festive patterns, traditional scenes and elaborate ink line designs within. This unique literary colouring book is packed with handpicked quotations that perfectly capture the history and atmosphere of Charles Dickens' classic story, A Christmas Carol.
    • £9.59
    • RRP £11.99
    • Save £2.40Save 20.00%
    What s the perfect gift for your friend who loves literature? How about an adorable crocheted Moby Dick? Or a delightfully miniature Elizabeth Bennet? Or an elegant and fuzzy Jay Gatsby? Whether you need some holiday decor (Ebenezer Scrooge!) or want to craft your own nursery decor (the White Rabbit), Literary Yarns is full of adorable amigurumi for book lovers of all ages. The easy-to-follow patterns are drawn 18 classic novels, plays, and poetry. Make them for your friends, decorate your house, or use them as pretty much the cutest action figures imaginable. The materials are readily available and the instructions are suitable for crafters with beginning crochet skills.