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The Best Life Advice From the Mr Men and Little Miss Books

The Mr. Men and Little Miss characters have found themselves in some very silly situations and from this they have a lot of advice to impart on you. From getting confident about your looks to finding where your skills lie, these books have plenty of inspiring advice for everyone. 

The Best Life Advice From the Mr Men and Little Miss Books

Mr Nobody 

At the start of his story, Mr Nobody is so barely there you can see right through him! But, with the help of the endlessly positive Mr Happy, he soon learns that everybody is somebody. He finds happiness and colour from the help of his new friend and a little bit of magic. 

Mr Nobody's life advice: Always remember you can find help in your friends and no one is really a nobody... even if your name is Mr Nobody.  

Mr Brave 

Mr Brave might be the toughest of the Mr Men but his story reminds us that even the bravest people get scared sometimes! Mr Brave decides not to walk across a dangerous tightrope when the rope starts to split despite Little Miss Trouble's taunts. 

Mr Brave's life advice: There's a difference between bravery and recklessness and you should never let anyone make you feel small for doing the right thing.

Mr Cheerful 

Mr Cheerful brightens everyone's day with his charming smile but when Little Miss Splendid asks him to raise his hat for her, his grin fades. Mr Cheerful is embarrassed that he only has three hairs on his head so keeps them covered with a hat at all times. Little Miss Splendid reminds him that his looks don’t matter and everyone loves him for the cheery disposition he's known for. 

Mr Cheerful's life advice: Never feel ashamed about the way you look. Others will love you for your personality and good spirit, not how many hairs you have! 

Little Miss Shy

Little Miss Shy finds it had to push herself out of her comfort zone. But, when she's invited to Mr Funny's party she has more fun than she expected and even meets the equally shy Mr Quiet!

Little Miss Shy's life advice: Everyone feels shy every now and then but don’t let your shyness stop you from having fun and enjoying life – you never know what might happen or who you might meet!

Little Miss Sunshine 

Little Miss Sunshine spreads joy wherever she goes, even around Miseryland! Her sense of joy and cheer is so strong she even manages to put a smile on the King of Miseryland's face. 

Little Miss Sunshine's life advice: Keep smiling and spreading joy and you never know how much you can impact others. 

Little Miss Princess 

Little Miss Princess tries to help everyone around her but, unfortunately, it just so happens that when you're royalty, you're not so used to doing things yourself. After she burns the food she's cooked for Mr Bump, she realises she does have one talent. She's good at giving orders. 

Little Miss Princess' life advice: Everyone is good at something - even if it seems like you're not getting anything right, you will find your skills somewhere. 

Mr Bump

The disaster-prone Mr Bump doesn't let his clumsy habits stop him from enjoying his life. After going on holiday (and falling down a hole in the sand!), he finds a job picking apples. Except, he doesn't have to do much picking. When he walks by, the apples just drop and fall on his head!

Mr Bump's life advice: Make the most out of every situation. Even clumsiness can be lucky sometimes!

Little Miss Fickle

Little Miss Fickle is terrible at making decisions and sometimes this can cause problems but when it comes to choosing which book she's going to read next, it takes her three days to come to a decision. Which, as book lovers, we can understand. 

Little Miss Fickle's life advice: Choosing what book to read next is a big decision and this needs time so book lovers, be fickle until you find the right book for you! 

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