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The Little One Said by Amy Chick | Bedtime Story Competition 2017

Our Bedtime Story Competition 2017, which saw children aged between 5 and 11 write a story on the theme of friendship, came to a close earlier this month and now we have our winners. To find out more about the competition and to read all about the shortlist, check out our Winners Announcement blog post. We were amazed by the talent shown in all our entries and so we'd like to share some of the shortlisted stories with you. 11 year-old Amy Chick was the winner in the Age 10-11 category and therefore one of the runners-up for the overall winner in this year's competition. The title of Amy's story is The Little One Said and it is all about a very kind group of animals. Have a read of Amy's lovely story for yourself...

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There were three in the bed and the little one said... "ROLL OVER!" yelled Mouse to Hippo and Hare, "YOU TAKE UP FAR TOO MUCH ROOM!" Mouse, who was usually in a good mood, was cross with Hippo and Hare. Recently they had been taking up ALL the room in the bed.

Hippo and Hare looked at each other. "No we are not, why don't you roll over?" they said.

"BECAUSE I'M SQUASHED AGAINST THE WALL!" yelled Mouse angrily, "And as you're not doing anything about it I'm leaving." Mouse leapt out of the bed, put on his coat and slammed the door shut behind him.

Hippo and Hare looked at each other. "Maybe we have been a bit selfish," said Hare. "We need to do something to make up for it, but what?" said Hippo. "I know, let's get a bigger bed," said Hare excitedly "that way we will all have enough room!"

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So the next day they went to the bed shop to see a small mole in a black suit smiling at them, "Hello, how can I help?" asked the mole. "Can we have your BIGGEST bed please?" asked Hare. The mole showed them to a huge bed. "This is our MEGA king-sized bed!" he said. Hippo looked excited. It was perfect, it was 15 metres long and could fit about 50 animals in it. "We`ll take it!" said Hippo just imagining the amount of space they would all have.

When they got home they realised there was a big problem... "There's not enough room for the bed" said Hippo disappointed. "You know what that means?" asked Hare. "Get a smaller bed?" asked Hippo. "No, we... BUILD AN EXTENSION!" yelled Hare swinging his arms in the air. Hippo looked confused. "But we won't be able to make it by ourselves," he said. The hare laughed. "Don't worry we can get help," he said.

Later Hare and Hippo went off to the zoo (that just happened to be next door) and asked their friends Llama, Crocodile, Monkey, Meerkat and Elephant if they would help them build their extension. The animals all said they were happy to help and would bring their tools. "We will get the job done in no time now," said Hare.

Later Hare came back from the builder's yard carrying some bricks, wood, cement, window panes, roof tiles and a door. The animals from the zoo arrived with all the tools they needed and they all set to work building the extension.

A few days later everything was done, the animals had gone home and Hippo and Hare were just fitting the carpet. "I hope Mouse likes it," said Hippo when all of a sudden there was a loud knock on the door, Hare went to answer it. There in front of them were all the animals that had helped them with the extension. "We think we deserve something in return for helping you with the extension!" they said.

Hippo and Hare awkwardly looked at each other. "How about," said Hare "you can stay at our house for a few nights and you can sleep in our really long bed?" The animals liked this idea and went back to the zoo and told all the animals everyone was allowed to stay at the Mouse's, Hippo`s and Hare`s house.

It was getting dark when Mouse came home hoping that Hippo and Hare had agreed to stop taking up all his space but when he opened the door everything was in chaos! There were monkeys swinging on the light bulbs, there were crocodiles swimming in the full-to-the-brim bath, a giraffe sticking its head up the chimney and there were animals rushing around and digging holes in the brand-new carpet. Even odder, when the mouse came to the bedroom, there was the Hare and Hippo sitting on a 15 metre long bed!

"We got a bigger bed for you, so you have enough room," Hippo smiled. "But we had to make an extension so it would fit!" said Hare. Mouse smiled, Hare and Hippo had put a lot of effort into making him happy. "Thank you guys for doing all of this, I'm sorry I stormed off" he said. "And we are sorry for being so selfish" Hippo said.

So that night all the animals got ready for bed and...

There were 465 in the bed and the little one said,


Check out the video of the three winners on their special Winners' Day Out: