The Magic of Winnie and Wilbur with Their Illustrator Korky Paul

Korky Paul is known to be a fantastic children's book illustrator, his characteristically bright and fun style of drawing has brought many stories to life. He is particularly well known for illustrating the hilarious Winnie and Wilbur books. We were thrilled to have the chance to ask Korky a few questions about Winnie and Wilbur...

What is your favourite thing about illustrating the Winnie and Wilbur books?

My favourite thing about illustrating Winnie & Wilbur is every spellbinding adventure gets me to draw so many different objects and environments. So, it stretches and challenges me and is often very difficult to get right and make it look part of Winnie and Wilbur's wonderful world. This, I particularly enjoy.

The many magical things I have drawn include Winnie and Wilbur's vast stately home, a space background full of colourful planets, a helicopter made out of a pumpkin, a three-masted galleon, a haunted house full of ghosts, forests with monsters, Santa and snowy landscapes, lots of funny and silly details for Winnie and Wilbur fans to search for and find, scary bugs and beetles (coming soon).

Which Winnie and Wilbur book from all that have been published is your favourite?

My favourite is definitely "In Space". I always dreamed about being an astronaut/cosmonaut when I was young. In this book all the drawings come out even better than I expected and I had such fun drawing all the different planets. Has anyone spotted the black hole, where an illustrator's pencil would weigh as much as a double decker bus because the gravity is strong - bends light you know?! My younger sister Gale was born on the night Sputnick went up into space and I think that's what fired up my imagination! Our Dad's nickname for Gale was Sputnick!

Why do you think children love Winnie and Wilbur so much?

Children love Winnie and Wilbur so much because it's all about friendship and love between our two heroes, and no matter what silly mistakes Winnie may make when she waves her magic wand, she always manages to get them out of any trouble and strife. Children know that Wilbur loves Winnie and Winnie loves Wilbur. It's that simple.

What is it about Winnie that makes her so brilliant?

Winnie is brilliant because on every adventure with Wilbur she makes it magical, fun and exciting - even when her spells go inevitably wrong.

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