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The Ultimate List of All the Little Miss Books

Roger Hargreaves' first Little Miss book, Little Miss Bossy, was published in 1981 and since then 37 Little Miss books have followed. Over the years, the Little Miss characters have become just as well-loved as their Mr Men cousins. If you want to read all the Little Miss books with your kids, in order, then check out our mighty ultimate list of the Little Miss books below...

The Ultimate List of All the Little Miss Books

1. Little Miss Bossy

Little Miss Bossy learns a lesson when she is given her very own pair of enchanted bossy boots! 

2. Little Miss Naughty

Little Miss Naughty is playing tricks on all her Mr Men and Little Miss friends. 

3. Little Miss Neat

Little Miss Neat has a bit of a nightmare after she returns home from holiday to find Mr Muddle has paid her a visit.

4. Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine is determined to bring joy to Miseryland!

5. Little Miss Tiny

Little Miss Tiny discovers how hard it is finding a friend your size. 

6. Little Miss Trouble

Little Miss Trouble tries to make all the other characters fall out with silly rumours but could a taste of her own medicine make her changes her ways?

7. Little Miss Giggles

All the other Mr Men and Little Miss try to help Little Miss Giggles when she finds she’s lost her giggles!

8. Little Miss Helpful

Little Miss Helpful tries to assist everyone around her but only seems to end up causing calamity in her wake. 

9. Little Miss Magic

Little Miss Magic decides to teach Mr Tickles a lesson after he goes on a tickle frenzy!

10. Little Miss Shy

Little Miss Shy combats her shyness after Mr Funny invites her to a party.

11. Little Miss Splendid

Little Miss Splendid finds a new hat after a delightful shopping spree.

12. Little Miss Twins

Mr Nosey gets a surprise when he meets the Little Miss Twins!

13. Little Miss Chatterbox

Little Miss Chatterbox is looking for a job but her willingness to make conversation wherever she is could land her in hot water.

14. Little Miss Dotty

Little Miss Dotty has a barmy time in Nonsenseland.

15. Little Miss Late

Little Miss Late may be just about to find the perfect job for her.

16. Little Miss Lucky

Little Miss Lucky has a spooky experience. 

17. Little Miss Scatterbrain

Little Miss Scatterbrain is confusing everyone with her silly antics. 

18. Little Miss Star

Little Miss Star dreams of being famous and she thinks she’s found the way to achieve her goal.

19. Little Miss Busy

Little Miss Busy is always doing something so when the doctor tells her she needs to rest, she has to find ways to fill time that don’t involve her being too well… busy.

20. Little Miss Quick

Little Miss Quick tries to use her speediness to help everyone out but often being quick doesn’t mean being careful. 

21. Little Miss Wise

Little Miss Wise is a very sensible character but will she learn to take a risk?

22. Little Miss Tidy

Little Miss Tidy has everything in order until she can’t find her notepad and pen, then everything becomes a mess!

23. Little Miss Greedy

Little Miss Greedy wants to treat Mr Greedy to a cake for his birthday but will she be able to get the cake to him without eating it first?

24. Little Miss Fickle

Miss Fickle has a tricky time making up her mind and it’s starting to annoy everyone else. 

25. Little Miss Brainy

Little Miss Brainy loves answering difficult questions but when she gets asked something she doesn’t know how to answer, Little Miss Brainy realises being the clever one is harder than you think. 

26. Little Miss Stubborn

Little Miss Stubborn gets caught in the snow after being too stubborn to take the bus!

27. Little Miss Curious

Little Miss Curious has a habit for asking ‘why?’ about everything but what answers will she get?

28. Little Miss Fun

Little Miss Fun throws a party for all her friends in this story, proving she is fun-est Little Miss character of all.

29. Little Miss Contrary

Little Miss Contrary confuses her friends with her contrary nature and really muddle Mr Happy with his birthday present. 

30. Little Miss Somersault

Little Miss Somersault is always willing to help everyone until she gets herself stuck on the roof of a building with no way of getting down. 

31. Little Miss Scary

Little Miss Scary has great fun scaring all the other Little Miss and Mr Men characters, is it about time she had a fright of her own?

32. Little Miss Bad

Little Miss Bad sees the error of her ways after Little Miss Sunshine hatches a cunning plan. 

33. Little Miss Whoops

When Little Miss Whoops goes to find her brother, in true Little Miss Whoops style, she has a tricky time in getting to him. 

34. Little Miss Princess

Little Miss Princess might be royalty but she’s more than happy to help others. However, when you’re not used to lifting a finger, it can be tricky to help everyone else. 

35. Little Miss Birthday

Little Miss Birthday is determined to find the perfect birthday present for everyone. 

36. Little Miss Christmas 

Little Miss Christmas helps Father Christmas each year but they’re now taking some well-earned time off…

37. Little Miss Hug

Little Miss Hug goes around giving everyone hugs but then she comes across someone who needs a hug the very most… Mr Grumpy!

38. Little Miss Inventor 

See what amazing inventions Little Miss Inventor has been making in her garden shed.

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