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Top 10 Best Adult Books About the Great Outdoors

These enthralling books will take you on adventures all over the world, featuring everything from delightful British wildlife to wild landscapes. With plenty of fascinating non-fiction and exhilarating fiction, see below for the best adult books about the great outdoors.

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1. A History of the World in 500 Walks

  • £6.99
  • RRP £20.00
  • Save £13.01

Sarah Baxter

This gorgeously-illustrated guide features some of the most impressive and historically-resonant trails in the world, both man-made and natural. Every path is infused with history and significance and all feature breath-taking scenery. This book is perfect for seasoned hikers and armchair historians alike, with inspirational commentary, marvellous maps and phenomenal photography, as well as plenty of fascinating historical detail. This inspiring book includes amazing walks such as the Inca Trail and the Peaks of the Balkans Trail.


2. Wuthering Heights

  • £5.89
  • RRP £5.99
  • Save £0.10

Emily Bronte

This tumultuous love story takes place in the wild and desolate Yorkshire moors, a darkly meaningful and ominous setting. It follows Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, a foundling adopted by Catherine's father. Heathcliff, bullied and humiliated by Catherine's brother Hindley, falls deeply in love with Catherine. Believing this love to be unrequited, he leaves Wuthering Heights - only to return years later, determined to wreak a terrible revenge for his former miseries and lasting anguish... This haunting masterpiece will shock and thrill its readers.


3. The Making of the British Landscape

  • £7.99
  • RRP £20.00
  • Save £12.01

Nicholas Crane

Coast presenter Nicholas Crane looks back over 12,000 years of the British landscape in this stunning book, from the Ice Age to the 21st century. Part-journey, part-history, this engrossing book details the evolution of Britain's countryside and cities, concluding with an examination into how things may change next. It features wonderful photographs for readers to pore over and covers everything from the Black Death to urbanisation and recreation, as well as the part played by geology (and our 6,000-mile coastline).


4. Lord of the Flies

  • £7.19
  • RRP £8.99
  • Save £1.80

William Golding

This riveting classic novel has proved controversial in its time, but is nonetheless an iconic and enthralling read. Join a group of boys on an uninhabited island, the only survivors of a tragic plane crash. The boys must try to work together, but it's not long before cracks appear, their primal impulses take over and their memories of home and family vanish. This gripping novel offers a sharp commentary on society, posing many questions about how we live, and is set in a wild and unpredictable location.


5. Millie Marotta's Wild Savannah

  • £3.99
  • RRP £9.99
  • Save £6.00

Millie Marotta

This beautiful colouring book is inspired by the swaying grasslands of Africa, Asia and Australia. Sit back and relax as you colour in pictures of crocodiles, kangaroos, ostriches, gazelles and so much more, as well as a number of exotic environments, and be whisked away to exciting locations.


6. Planet Earth II: A New World Revealed

  • £19.89
  • RRP £25.00
  • Save £5.11

Stephen Moss

Planet Earth II captivated us on TV with phenomenal footage of incredible animals and glorious landscapes. In this beautiful book, you can continue to marvel at jaw-dropping photography and fascinating facts, with over 250 breath-taking images and lots of information on different creatures and environments, from arid deserts to lush jungles.


7. Woodland Craft 

  • £21.89
  • RRP £25.00
  • Save £3.11

Ben Law

Discover the amazing diversity of craft products made from materials sourced directly from the woods, including brooms, chairs, fencing, yurts and even a caravan! The items are hewn from freshly-cut green wood, shaped by hand and instilled with a natural, rustic beauty. Detailed instructions and advice are given for each project, as well as essential information about tools and devices. Also learn about the fascinating history and traditions of the crafts.

8. The Un-Discovered Islands 

  • £4.99
  • RRP £14.99
  • Save £10.00

Malachy Tallack

This endlessly engrossing book is an exploration into some of the world's strangest places: two dozen islands that were once believed to be real, but no longer exist on the map. These islands are the products of imagination, deception and sheer human error. From the depths of Atlantis to more obscure locations all over the world, this is an atlas of legend and wonder that looks at forgotten lands from ancient history right up to the present day, and features incredible full-colour artwork.

9. Hello, Is This Planet Earth?

  • £16.39
  • RRP £20.00
  • Save £3.61

Tim Peake

This ground-breaking book takes readers on a mesmerising tour of Tim's historic and inspirational six-month Principia mission into outer space. Based on more than 150 of Tim's jaw-dropping photographs, many of which have never been seen before, this lavish collection showcases the beauty and wonders of Earth from above. It comes with a personal commentary from Tim, full of his warmth, wit and charm. Discover awe-inspiring images of cities illuminated at night, the northern lights and unforgettable vistas of oceans, mountains and deserts.


10. Flying the Nest

  • £4.99
  • RRP £11.99
  • Save £7.00

Hannah Dale

This gorgeous book is bursting with delightful illustrations by award-winning artist, Hannah Dale. It features lots of baby birds and animals, from fluffy ducklings to furry fox cubs, and every design is accompanied by interesting text about the animal's character. Wildlife-lovers will adore this book.