Top 10 Best Adult Colouring Books

Why should the pleasures of colouring be reserved for children? When focussing on the distinct act of colouring inside the lines, you will find the drudgeries of modern life evaporating from your brain. This is a list of the best adult colouring books out there, whether you're a seasoned pro or an absolute beginner.

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1. Star Wars: Galaxy of Colouring

  • £3.99

Visit a galaxy far, far away with the transformative power of colouring. This book gives you the opportunity to put your own spin on the iconic Star Wars franchise. Bring your favourite scenes and characters to life with colour, and experience Star Wars like never before. The options are limitless. Maybe Darth Vader would look much better wearing pink? It's all up to you!


2. The 1000 Dot-to-Dot Book: Wonders of the World

  • £4.99

Thomas Pavitte

Explore the world from the comfort of your own living room! With the 1000 Dot-to-Dot Book, you can travel to the world's most-treasured heritage sites - from the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall of China! This book is a twist on the classic colouring book, with 1000 dots to join in order to reveal each design. Thomas Pavitte, the acclaimed graphic artist, created these designs, but it's up to you to bring them to life!


3. Colour and Doodle: Mandalas

Colour And Doodle: Mandalas - Other - 5051237056457
  • £2.99

'Colouring experience' may be a better description than 'colouring book'. This book comes in a gorgeous tin, packed with high-quality pencils. It's a ready-made mental massage! This colouring book will help you find calmness in your busy life through the well-versed action of putting pen to paper. Alternatively, the beautiful presentation of this book could make it the perfect present for a loved one.


4. The Menagerie - Animal Portraits to Colour

  • £3.99

Richard Merritt

This colouring book is a must for any animal lover! With lions and tigers and bears to colour in, there really is something for everyone. The intricacy and beauty of these designs will keep you focused and calm for hours on end. The perforated pages allow you to easily remove your creations, so that you can display them around the home with pride.


5. Orla Kiely: Colouring Book

  • £3.99

Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely's prints are iconic and hugely popular. With this book, you can become a 'Queen (or king!) of Prints' yourself and revive the Kiely collection with your own splash of colour. The symmetrical and beautiful patterns inspired by the 60's will help you to find mindfulness. For those with a keen eye for design, there's even a colour palette to inspire your creations!


6. Querkles

  • £2.99

A new take on colouring by numbers, Querkles is an unmissable book for any colouring fanatic! Whilst the book may appear to be a confusing assortment of circles, when these are coloured in according to a number key, famous faces are revealed! There are 20 portraits waiting to be discovered, ranging from Mona Lisa to Captain Jack Sparrow.

7. Just Add Colour: Optical Illusions

  • £6.99

Beverley Lawson

Bend your mind with these puzzling designs! This book is inspired by the visual magic of optical illusions, providing a mind-boggling experience for any user. Watch reality warp before your eyes as you colour in the images. Experiment with colours and shades to make these illusions truly pop out from the page.


8. The Great British Cake Off

  • £8.99

Harriet Popham

Fill the GBBO shaped hole in your heart with this unofficial colouring book. Warning: should not be used when hungry! Make a range of tasty treats without the hassle of actual baking! From macaron towers to gingerbread houses, this book has it all. The illustrations are mouth-wateringly beautiful, but need you to sprinkle some colour and life into the pages.


9. Colouring Shakespeare

  • £4.99

Discover a love of literature with this Bard-inspired colouring book! 'Colouring Shakespeare' features Shakespeare's most famous sonnets, as well as iconic quotes from his extensive collection of plays. The intricate designs provide a whole new dimension to the experience of Shakespeare. Enjoy a foreword written by Simon Callow, a Shakespearean actor before embarking on a visual journey through the mind of a literary genius.


10. Moodles Collection

Moodles Collection - 3 Books - Collection - 9785000310540
  • £4.99
  • RRP £15.00
  • Save £10.01Save 65.9999999999999960209606797434389591217041015625%
  • Just £1.66 per book

A 'Moodle' is a doodle with the power to change your mind. This collection features three books suitable for three different mind-sets; grumpy, stressed and happy. These books provide universal therapy for all of your daily troubles; for example, by drawing a safety net beneath a tightrope to protect you from falling. By drawing solutions to your problems, the philosophy behind 'Moodles' states it is possible to overcome real life difficulties.