Top 10 Best Animal Books for 11-year-olds

From heart-pounding adventures to poignant tales of courage and friendship, join your favourite animals in these exciting, moving, inspiring and funny books! Look no further for the very best animal books for 11-year-olds.

1. Black Beauty

  • £3.99

Anna Sewell

Black Beauty is a handsome, sweet-natured animal with a strong and courageous spirit. He lives an idyllic life in fresh green pastures with his mother, Duchess, and their kindly master. But when his owners are forced to sell him, Black Beauty goes from a tranquil life of comfort to one of hard labour and cruelty. Can he survive in the hands of men who treat animals so heartlessly? This treasured classic will captivate animal-lovers.

2. The Great Elephant Chase

  • £6.29

Gillian Cross

The sinister, steely-eyed Hannibal Jackson will do anything to capture - and maybe even kill - a giant Indian elephant named Khush, but Tad and Cissie will do anything to protect it. They must outrun and outsmart their cunning pursuer on a wild journey across America - but how do you hide an elephant on the run?! Kids will love this thrilling and hilarious adventure.

3. Echo Come Home

  • £5.89

Megan Rix

11-year-old Jake is starting at a new school - and he's dreading it. No-one understands how difficult he finds it to make friends. But then he meets Echo, a stray puppy, training to be a hearing dog. Jake's confidence grows and grows with Echo by his side. But then something awful happens and Jake and Echo are separated. Echo is determined to find his way home, but he has a long and dangerous road ahead. Will the pair ever be reunited? This moving story will appeal to puppy-lovers.

4. Wed Wabbit

  • £5.59

Lissa Evans

You're nearly eleven and you're called Fidge. You've been thrust into a bizarre world where you have three companions: two seriously weird ones, and your awful cousin, Graham. You must solve a series of nearly impossible clues and deal with a cruel-hearted dictator, as well as 3000 Wimbley Woos. And everything in this strange situation - everything - is your fault. This unique and fantastically funny adventure story will have kids laughing their socks off.

5. Children's Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Encyclopedia

  • £11.99

Douglas Palmer

Discover which animals were the first to walk on land, which dinosaur had a 24ft-long neck, and lots, lots more in this striking new encyclopedia about the most amazing creatures to have roamed the Earth. Focus pages look at dinosaur behaviour and explain why they are now extinct. This comprehensive exploration of the world of dinosaurs contains more than 1000 illustrations, and will teach young dinosaur fans everything they could ever wish to know about these extraordinary beasts.

6. Watership Down

  • £5.59

Richard Adams

This wonderful classic, set in the stunning English countryside, is a thrilling tale of courage, adventure and survival. It follows a band of rabbits, fleeing the destruction of their home by a developer. A pair of strong-hearted brothers must try to lead the group to the safe haven of Sandleford Warren, evading danger at every turn, hoping that at the end of their journey, they'll find their mysterious promised land.

7. Horrible Science: Nasty Nature

  • £6.89

Nick Arnold

Discover the deadliest and most disgusting beasts in this repulsive read! Find out how vampire bats slurp blood, what a singing gorilla sounds like, how to dodge a man-eating tiger, which Japanese fish dish can kill you, and so much more. With a bold, funky look, this book will inspire a love of nature in kids - no matter how nasty it is!

8. Dolphin Song

  • £1.99

Lauren St John

An unsuspecting Martine is enjoying a cold but tranquil walk when she discovers a stranded dolphin. She uses her gift of healing to help it back to the ocean, but this is only the latest in a series of unexplained dolphin and whale beachings - and it's the start of an adrenaline-pumping adventure for Martine. Infused with a hint of magic, this enchanting novel is full of atmosphere and charm.

9. War Horse

  • £3.99

Michael Morpurgo

In this gripping tale, a horse named Joey witnesses the deadly reality of battle from both sides of the trenches in the First World War. He will come to understand the chaotic power of war, and the boundless beauty of peace. His owner, Albert, is determined to bring his beloved horse home safely. This engrossing story is a favourite with kids, parents and teachers alike, and has been adapted for film and stage.

10. The Jungle Book

  • £3.99

Rudyard Kipling

This much-loved adventure story was published in 1894, and has enthralled generations of children ever since. It stars man cub Mowgli as he's raised by wolves in the Indian jungle and meets amazing creatures, such as Baloo the 'sleepy brown bear', the python Kaa, black panther Bagheera and terrifying tiger Shere Khan. Discover the excitement of this captivating tale and be whisked away to the lush (but perilous) Indian jungle.