Top 10 Best Art Books for Children

Children will love getting stuck into some arts and crafts with these inspiring, exciting and vibrant art books. Ordered by target age, see below for the best art books for children.

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1. Smart Art

  • £3.99

Annie Simpson | 3+

This innovative lift-the-flap art book is bursting with beautiful illustrations and is sure to inspire children to get creative! It features fun flaps, cut-through holes, tracing paper, newsprint paper, gatefolds and more, perfect for encouraging kids to use their imaginations and enjoy some exciting projects.

2. Pixel Planet

Pixel Planet - Paperback - 9781784455538 - Assorted
  • £2.49


If your child is a fan of computer games, they'll love the pixelated patterns in this cool colouring book. This bumper book brings back memories of retro games and encourages children to colour in the fun designs, square by square. From adorable animals to awesome dinosaurs and plenty of other crazy characters, this epic book will appeal to anyone who loves computer games and colouring.


3. Let's Sew

  • £3.99

DK | 5+

This vibrant book provides the perfect introduction to sewing for beginners. From basic skills like threading a needle to running stitch and backstitch, it covers all the essentials and shows young sewers how they can use their new skills to create felt birds and butterflies, stylish bags, hobby horses and so much more. Children will love working their way through 12 easy projects and building on their sewing skills.


4. The Usborne Big Book of Drawing, Doodling and Colouring

  • £4.99

Fiona Watt | 6+

Children can let their imaginations run wild with this gorgeous and inspiring bumper book. Bursting with drawing, doodling and colouring activities, kids can colour in a range of unique and stunning scenes, finish lots of fun drawings, add unique details to doodles and infuse their pictures with their own special style. With endless ideas and opportunities to create modern, trendy and thoughtful pieces, children will be engrossed for hours.


5. Best Friends Art

  • £2.99


This beautiful colouring book features mini heart-shaped felt-tip pens, captivating dual designs and a glittery cover. Designed to be shared, the pages feature identical patterns so kids can colour in simultaneously, complementing each other's art or creating something unique. This is a wonderful colouring book for best friends to enjoy together.


6. The Children's Interactive Story of Art

  • £3.99

Susie Hodge | 7+

Published in conjunction with the National Gallery, this comprehensive compendium will introduce young readers to the beauty and history of art. Endlessly engrossing, it covers the world's most famous paintings, focusing on the National Gallery's own incredible collection. There's even an exciting free app that allows children to create their very own virtual gallery from the comfort of their own home.


7. The Book of Beasts: Colour and Discover

  • £4.99

Angela Rizza | 7+

This magical book not only divulges everything you'd want to know about fantastical creatures and mythical beasts, but also gives you the chance to colour them in and embellish them however you like! Discover lots of fascinating facts on over 90 creatures, from snake-haired Gorgons to wicked werewolves and deadly dragons. The book comes with a mesmerising, gold-foiled cover.


8. Anti Journal

  • £3.99

David Sinden & Nikalas Catlow | 7+

This is no ordinary journal - it's an Anti Journal... and that means plenty of anarchic, therapeutic and creative fun. It encourages children to complete the pages however they like - the more imaginative and unconventional the better! Create only with your feet; describe yourself in colour; produce an image from your phone number - anything is possible. This unique book inspires kids to use a pen, pencil, paintbrush, or any old odds and ends found around the house, to create awesome artwork. Kids can even use their emotions as inspiration.


9. Art Activity Book

  • £3.99

Sam Baer | 7+

Inspire a love of art in your child with this amazing activity book. It features a number of famous paintings, accompanied by exciting projects and puzzles that will help develop children's understanding of key elements in a fun and interactive way, including colour and composition. It also includes a selection of super stickers, making this a fantastic introduction to the world of fine art.


10. Usborne Art Colouring & Sticker Book

Usborne Art Colouring & Sticker Book - Paperback - 9781409598695 - Rosie Dickins
  • £2.99

Rosie Dickins | 8+

This wonderfully interactive book has been published in association with London's National Gallery and features some of the most famous masterpieces from their collection of paintings. Children are able to colour in the artworks and embellish them with stickers, whilst also developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of art. There are also fun puzzles to complete!