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Top 10 Best Books for Birdwatching

Birdwatching can be a fascinating, enjoyable activity, but it can be tricky to spot those elusive birds, or think of new ways to attract new species to your garden. With these brilliant guides and gift books, birdwatching will be more rewarding than ever. From garden birds to more exotic feathered friends, you'll find the perfect birdwatching books here.

1. RSPB Guide to Birdwatching

  • £12.89
  • RRP £12.99
  • Save £0.10

David Chandler

This comprehensive guide is perfect for beginners of all ages and will introduce them to the extraordinary world of birdwatching. It's split into six sections, covering: principles of identification; birdwatching equipment and field skills; how birds are built, how they work and where they come from; their behaviour; their habitats; and how to help birds in your garden and beyond, as well as current threats to birds.


2. Bird Bingo

  • £19.89
  • RRP £19.95
  • Save £0.06

Christine Berrie

This gorgeously-illustrated bingo game is a somewhat different guide to birdwatching, featuring 64 stunning species of birds from around the world. Spot all sorts of feathered friends, from the robin to the puffin, the kookaburra to the splendid fairywren, to complete your set! This fun, educational game is brilliant for helping players remember the names of their favourite birds. Also contains a leaflet featuring basic information and the quirky traits of different birds.


3. Top 100 Birding Sites of the World

  • £7.99
  • RRP £25.00
  • Save £17.01

Dominic Couzens

Covering sites across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia, North and South America and Antarctica, discover the best places to see extraordinary birds. This beautiful hardback features first-hand accounts, fascinating facts and jaw-dropping photography. Marvel at amazing avian spectacles, like the Snow Goose blizzard in Bosque del Apache, and the swarms of Lesser Flamingos on Africa's Rift Valley Lakes. A gorgeous, must-have tome for birdwatchers and animal-lovers.


4. Birdwatching Notes

  • £9.89
  • RRP £12.00
  • Save £2.11

Ryland Peters & Small

This invaluable resource will allow you to plan your next birdwatching excursion and record the wonderful birds you've spotted. Use the notes pages to write down your favourite birdwatching locations and plan future trips. This gorgeous journal includes sections on different types of birds and where to find them, including water birds, woodland birds and urban birds.


5. The Joy of Birdwatching

  • £9.89
  • RRP £9.99
  • Save £0.10

Alan Davies

This pocket-sized delight is filled with fascinating bird trivia, handy hints and tips, and captivating stories and quotes from the wonderful world of birds. This is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the joy of twitching.


6. RSPB Pocket Garden Birdwatch

  • £6.89
  • RRP £6.99
  • Save £0.10

Mark Ward

Get birdspotting with this practical guide from the RSPB. Create a welcoming garden environment for all sorts of birds, with information on the right sorts of bird food, feeders and where to put them. Enjoy practical projects, such as making a nest box, and identify your birds with over 40 profiles of garden birds, including in-situ photography that shows them in the wild. Sit back and watch birds come to explore, feed and raise families.

7. Our Garden Birds

  • £10.59
  • RRP £12.00
  • Save £1.41

Matt Sewell

This stunning volume features street artist Matt Sewell's unique take on 52 favourite garden birds. With distinctive and enchanting pop-art watercolours, this book is the perfect gift for fans of feathered friends, and includes wonderful descriptions. Great tits are described as "bossing other birds around", and bullfinches as "playful" with "shy buoyancy". With one bird for each week of the year, this gorgeous gift book will delight children and adults alike, whether birdwatchers or art-lovers.


8. Bill Bailey's Remarkable Guide to British Birds

  • £19.99
  • RRP £20.00
  • Save £0.01

Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey reveals his favourite British birds in this amusing and personal guide, complete with drawings, notes and cartoons by the comedian himself. A visual feast, it includes a fascinating and funny insight into these remarkable birds, including what they eat, where they fly and how they communicate. Bill reminisces on family outings and reveals how birdwatching "gave a purpose to the day" and provided him with a love of nature which has persisted into adulthood. 

9. 101 Golden Rules of Birdwatching

  • £9.89
  • RRP £9.99
  • Save £0.10

Marcus Schneck

This guide is the perfect companion to the wonders of birdwatching - an exciting though sometimes challenging activity! The book includes anecdotes as well as wise advice and tales of personal experience. It provides invaluable hints and tips and is filled with practical advice from a life-long birdwatcher. Track down new and elusive birds, attract more species to your garden, and make this enjoyable activity more rewarding than ever.

10. Collins BTO Guide to British Birds

  • £16.39
  • RRP £19.99
  • Save £3.60

Paul Sterry

Collins has collaborated with the British Trust for Ornithology to produce this authoritative and up-to-date handbook to the common birds of Britain and Ireland. The unique identification guide features all species that breed regularly in the region, plus those that winter here or occur as common passage migrants. Great for both beginners and seasoned birdwatchers, it's designed to be used in the field, with text and photographs that enable easy identification of different species.