Top 10 Best Books for Father's Day 2017

Dads can be difficult to buy for, but not to worry: we've put together a list of funny, fascinating and thrilling books that would make great alternatives to socks and ties this Father's Day! Featuring humour, fun and interesting topics, see below for the best books for Father's Day 2017.

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1. Five Lose Dad in the Garden Centre

Bruno Vincent

Part of the hilarious Enid Blyton for Grown-Ups parody series, this book will bring lashings of laughter to dads this Father's Day. Julian, George, Dick, Anne and Timmy decide to take Quentin to the garden centre as a treat for Father's Day. They've spotted a shed which is perfect for his wild experiments. But whilst looking at what could be the new love of his life, he appears to vanish into thin air. Surely, he couldn't have gone far? This light-hearted take on Enid Blyton's mystery stories would make the perfect Father's Day present.

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2. The Pub: A Cultural Institution

Pete Brown

Beer connoisseur Pete Brown has visited hundreds of pubs across the UK, and in this book, he reveals his absolute favourites. From cosy country inns to craft beer bars and the traditional local, he showcases pubs that ooze atmosphere and charm, whether it's for their food, people, architecture, location or ambience. He also reveals some truly eccentric pubs - ones that have outside toilets, limp sandwiches and disturbing decor! Featuring 300 pubs, the book focuses on each one's local history, including lovely pen portraits of punters, publicans, legends and myths.

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3. Socks: The Rule Book

Mitchell Beazley

Are you aware of the extensive etiquette concerned with wearing socks? Me neither. But thankfully, your dad can wise up with this funny and informative book, which divulges 10 important rules when it comes to wearing socks. Sock-related crimes of fashion are being committed every day, but this book provides great advice on how to avoid this fate. It answers all the most profound questions, such as: which socks best complement brogues? And are patterned socks permissible with sneakers? Every sock secret is revealed in this rib-tickling read.

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4. Sod It! Eat Well

Anita Bean & Muir Gray

This book provides all the help and knowledge you need when it comes to making the right food choices in your 60s, 70s and beyond. Based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet, backed up by cutting-edge scientific research, it will show you how to make subtle changes to your eating habits and offers a wealth of information so you can make informed, healthy food choices. It also answers some puzzling food quandaries, such as whether eggs are good for you and if sugar is really so bad. Fun and illuminating, this book is perfect for dads who are trying to eat healthier, providing plenty of easy-to-follow recipes.

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5. Match of the Day 365

Steve Wilson

The perfect gift for footie-mad fathers, this Match of the Day compendium looks back on some of the most important football stories during the Premier League era, one for every day of the year. Reminisce on some of the most dramatic moments and unforgettable goals, from more recent events like Sergio Aquero's last-gasp title winner in 2012 and Leicester's great escape in 2015, to some of the finest moments of the 1990s (Blackburn's unlikely league win, Man United's treble in 1999...). This book is guaranteed to enthral football enthusiasts.

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6. Collins Complete DIY Manual

Albert Jackson

This comprehensive DIY bible has sold over 3 million copies and will prove hugely helpful for DIY novices, enthusiasts and professionals alike. It provides up-to-date, detailed information on tasks including decorating, repairs, electricity and plumbing, featuring plenty of illustrations to ensure each job is performed safely and swiftly. It also covers recent changes to regulations and explains how you can work within them. There's even helpful new material on how you can use energy-saving DIY methods and save money whilst working on your home improvements.

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7. The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown

Vaseem Khan

For centuries, the Koh-i-Noor diamond has caused nothing but bloodshed. Now, it's part of the British Crown Jewels. Security is of utmost importance when they go on display in Mumbai, but when Inspector Chopra visits the exhibition, the diamond is stolen from under his very nose in a seemingly impossible act of theft. Will he - and his elephant - be able to find the criminal? This quirky, charming and enthralling book will delight fans of lighter crime.

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8. Proper Healthy Food

Nick Knowles

This isn't just healthy food: it's proper, which means it's hearty, nutritious and satisfying. Popular DIY SOS presenter Nick Knowles reveals how a trip to Thailand inspired him to transform his diet and live a better life. He shares innovative vegetarian and vegan recipes which are sure to appeal to even the most meat-loving carnivore. From posh nosh to chunky vegan burgers to indulgent desserts, dads will be surprised at how delicious and substantial healthy food can be.

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9. The Urban Woodsman

Max Bainbridge

This chunky hardback book reveals how to transform the humble material of wood into fantastic bespoke cutlery, including spoons, bowls and boards. Carving expert Max Bainbridge shows you where to source local timber (at very little expense) and explains the tools you'll need and the cutting techniques required to create perfect items. Ideal for novices and experienced carvers alike, this brilliant book also divulges how to achieve the perfect finish, and dads will be crafting stunning contemporary homeware in no time.

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10. The Cycling Cartoonist

Dave Walker

Renowned cartoonist and bike enthusiast Dave Walker provides a hysterical illustrated guide to life on two wheels in this side-splitting read. From 20 Reasons to Love Cycling to the reasons why cleaning your bike is a chore to the skills required by cycling commentators, this spoke-tacular book will have cyclists (and their significant others) laughing out loud. The perfect gift for dads who cycle, the witty illustrations are sure to prove relatable.

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