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Top 10 Best Books for Key Stage 1

Starting KS1 can be a challenging time for kids as they're confronted with all sorts of tricky topics and tests! However, these brilliant books will reassure young learners and give them a head-start at school. Featuring books on literacy, numeracy, science, geography and more, see below for the best books for Key Stage 1.

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1. 'Curious Pearl, Science Girl' Collection - 4 Books

All four of these books aim to introduce and explain a different scientific topic to children in a fun and engaging way. To break down the gender stereotypes, the books star Curious Pearl, a science-loving girl, to encourage all children to develop an interest in STEM topics. 

2. Animaths Collection - 6 Books

Get your kids excited about maths with these six Animaths books. Each book deals with a different scientific topic and uses pictures of animals to illustrate how to use the mathematical topic in practice. These bright books are perfect for making maths more entertaining and engaging for your kids. 

3. Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper Levels 4-6 Collection - 25 Books

This collection of Biff, Chip and Kipper books is aimed at those reading at Oxford Reading Tree levels 5-7. All the stories make for exciting reading for young readers and help them build up their reading confidence as they move through the titles in the collection. Many of these books have a focus on phonics and the collection also comes with a fantastic parent's guide to assist those teaching reading to their kids at home. 

4. Exploring Habitats with Benjamin Blog Collection - 6 Books

To familiarise Key Stage 1 learners with geographical studies, we have this collection of six books all about the different habitats animals live in around the world. Covering topics like rivers, mountains, deserts and rainforests, these books are brilliant for fact and animal fans. 

5. The Usborne Children's Picture Atlas

Ruth Brocklehurst

Explore our wonderful world and all the people and places within it with this engrossing children's atlas. Journey from the arid African plains to the frozen Arctic tundra, picking up heaps of fun facts on the way about countries and their capital cities, famous landmarks, the longest rivers and the highest mountains. Kids are sure to be kept engaged as they test their knowledge with quiz questions and spot interesting objects on the pages. This inventive introduction to our planet and the different cultures around the world is perfect for little learners.

6. I Wonder Why Collection - 20 Books

These 20 fact books answer a range of common questions children have. Along the way, they are given the chance to learn about scientific, historical and geographical topics. If your kids or students are big fans of facts then these books are just the thing to peak their interest. 

7. Everything I Need to Know for School: Complete Key Stage 1: Ages 5-7 Collection - 30 books 

If you want to help them get ahead of the curriculum and expand their knowledge outside of the classroom then this collection features 30 workbooks, non-fiction reads and more to cover a great range of topics. With workbooks on the core topics of English, Maths and Science and informative books on a wide variety of commonly studied topics such as Volcanoes and Ancient Rome, this is a fantastic collection for every Key Stage 1 student.  

8. Why Do We Remember Collection - 6 Books

The Why Do We Remember Collection aims to get children familiar with historical topics and understanding their significance. Each book discusses a historical event covered in Key Stage 1, such as Remembrance Day, The Great Fire of London and Neil Armstrong and the Moon Landings. Filled with fascinating facts, images and research, these books really do bring the past to life. 

9. The Great Artists Collection - 6 Books

This collection works as a crossover between art and history as Key Stage 1 students can read all about six of the most renowned artists the world has seen. The simple biographies, accessible for children aged 5 and up, detail the lives of Vincent van Gogh, Michelangelo, Claude Monet, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Rembrant. 

10. First Animal Encyclopedia


Explore the awe-inspiring animal kingdom with this comprehensive creature compendium. From tiny critters that live on the jungle floor, to enormous beasts that dwell in the depths of the ocean, this bumper book is perfect for any young animal enthusiast. Watch animals in action, investigate their habits and quirks, and take a trip around the world to explore their habitats. Learn all about the different animal groups, including mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, insects and fish, through stunning colour images, fun fact boxes and engaging 'curiosity quizzes' that are sure to make learning exciting.

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